Fish Rots From The Head: Ukrainian Military Leadership in Disarray



Previously unknown details of the airport assault: Ukrainianchief of staff has the blood of Ukrainian soldiers on his hand.

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

DPR Intelligence has confirmed reports that the Ukrainian
forces during the fighting in the vicinity of the Donetsk airport were
personally commanded by the Ukrainian General Staff Chief V. Muzhenko.

This information has been obtained through intercepted
Ukrainian General Staff telephone communications. They reveal that Muzhenko
personally issued the order to dispatch the tank column from the town of
Tonenkoye toward the airport.

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Fearing treason and not trusting the B-sector commanders,
Muzhenko personally planned the failed operation to break through to the
Ukrainian forces surrounded at the new terminal, and relieved of command
several “unreliable” commanders.

By his orders, the Ukrainian soldiers moving to attack the
airport received their combat tasks only as they were approaching the
battlefield. This caused several tank drivers to sabotage their vehicles. Due
to “technical problems”, six tanks and 3 BMPs failed to reach the battlefield.

The zeal shown by Muzhenko was motivated by Turchinov’s publically
declared intent to inspect Ukrainian military units in the vicinity of the
Donetsk Airport. Muzhenko’s task was to “clear” the airport and convince his
bosses he was capable of controlling the situation. Muzhenko’s attempt to
demonstrate his political loyalty once again sent Ukrainian soldiers to their
deaths. Their blood is on his hands.

Translator’s Note: There no honor among thieves–nor among
the members of the Ukrainian political and military elite. The situation is
exactly as it was during the battles of the summer of 2014, when mutual mistrust
among commanders at various levels and the resulting lack of cooperation
facilitated the defeat of the Ukrainian attempt to overrun DPR and LPR. Novorossia’s
tactical gains on the ground are probably outweighed by the disarray they have
caused among the senior military leadership of the country. Many of the senior
officers of the Ukrainian military were purged because of their lack of proper
enthusiasm for the Maidan. Their places were occupied by incompetents whose
main attribute was political loyalty. Now that their incompetence is being
shown, it leads not only to recriminations among those commanders and the
political leadership, but undermines the soldiers’ trust in their own
commanders. This is a major advantage that Novorossia enjoys over its adversaries.
From Zakharchenko to individual battalion commanders, Novorossia’s soldiers are
led by leaders who are both competent and trusted.

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