For Yarosh every day is “bring your grenade to work day”


January 8, 2015
Translated from Russian by J. Hawk

The Right Sector Leader Dmitriy Yarosh promised to detonate a grenade during a Verkhovna Rada session. He made this promise during an appearance on Gromadske TV.

Yarosh told the journalists that he would enter the parliament building with a grenade in his pocket, which he would use to fight against “enemies of Ukraine.” He added that he feels himself more at ease in the presence of other deputies when he is armed.

“Being in the same room with declared enemies of Ukraine causes me discomfort. But no, I have a grenade with me, and I will throw it if it comes to that. Seriously, I carry one. They have no right to search us, people’s deputies” – said the head of the radicals.

The Right Sector also refused to subordinate itself to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

I suppose the joke here is that no, Yarosh is not happy to see you, it’s a grenade in his pocket! This and other comments by him and other extremists leave no doubt none of them view the current political order in Kiev as a final one, but rather as only a transitional one. It’s not as if they are even bothering to hide their willingness to seize power by force. What is not clear is their timeline or expected sequence of events. Perhaps they are simply waiting for the government to stumble in a big way, possibly due to an economic catastrophe or the financial default that would bring masses of people in the street. But masses need leaders, and the radicals who are relentlessly criticizing the government as betraying the people appear to be positioning themselves to be the undisputed leaders of the next Maidan. They are better organized, more determined, and better armed than during the last Maidan, and the opposition parties whose leaders pushed to overthrow Yanukovych are about as popular as the Party of Regions was on the eve of the Maidan. The similarity to the multi-stage Nazi take-over in Germany (and one has to assume Hitler-worshipping Ukrainian neo-Nazis are well familiar with that sequence of events) is striking. Let’s not forget that initially the Nazis were just one party in a coalition. That Yatsenyuk is openly aligning himself with Hitler (in Berlin, no less!) also suggests he is sensing in which direction the wind is blowing, and is therefore seeking to position himself as the Prime Minister of the next Ukrainian regime. Let’s face it, even neo-Nazis will need a “respectable” representative to send to foreign capitals, and “Yats”, once again, will be “the man.”

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