Frontline Update: January 24 Morning



Frontline Update: January 24 Morning

By Cassad

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

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Our forces are approaching the outskirts of Mariupol,
pushing the defenders into the city, our forward assault teams have begun to
infiltrate the city just like in September. In the area of Debaltsevo salient
our forces are attacking not only the “openings” of the salient but also its
walls, making Ukrainian reserves maneuver difficult, and enemy
communications/supply routes are being regularly shelled. We are expecting the
junta to bring reserves into action by the evening in the area west of Svetlodarsk
to prevent a full encirclement of the Debaltsevo grouping. Nevertheless, junta’s
situation is growing more difficult, as Novorossia forces are gradually creating
conditions for the largest encirclement since the beginning of the wary, or
when Strelkov trapped 5.5-6 thousand Ukrainians in the southern pocket. The
Ilovaysk and Ambrosievka pocket that was created after the “northern wind”
began to blow, trapped 5-5.5 thousand Ukrainians. The Debaltsevo pocket might
trap 7-8 thousand which, while not a lethal blow for the junta, it would be a
catastrophic defeat that would make its future offensive operations impossible
for a long time.

Zakharchenko once again confirmed today that the “Minsk
ceasefire” is finished, and one can’t help feeling happy about that. If they
resume the haggling over the ceasefire, it will be only after the front line
has changed its location, which will likewise totally change the background for
the negotiations. The reasons the ceasefire idea had failed were entirely
objective, even though its propagandists were trying to the very end pull the
wool over everyone’s eyes.

Strelkov’s Novorossia movement held a conference in Moscow.
Lots of people showed up, from nationalists to communists. One of the pleasing
news was the announced level of financial support received so far: 100 million
rubles. The movement is going well, Strelkov is even being allowed to appear on
TV. While as late as October the existence of the movement was still in doubt
but, as we know, the pathfinder clears the path.

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