Frontline Update: Novorossia liberates more towns, overruns Ukrainian checkpoints.



Breaking News: Ukrainian frontline at Bakhmutka nearly broken, assault on Krymskoye continues, Krasnyy Partizan and Verkhnetroitskoye captured.

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

LPR fighter with call-sign of Sych described the large-scale
LPR offensive.

“I was awaiting the offensive, I’m in the hospital, and ours
are advancing. The militia is attacking Chernukhino. We are also attacking
Krymskoye. Cossacks and the Prizrak battalion are advancing on Popasnaya and

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“We are turning up the heat. At the same time we are heavily
shelling Ukrainian positions along the entire frontline, except for Stanitsa
(we are using mortars there). Gorlovka militia is clearing Shumy. Likewise DPR
is announcing the capture of Krasnyy Partizan and Verkhnetroitskoye, which are
being cleared. Fighting in Avdeevka is continuing.

Peski is fully under our control, Ukrainians are
counterattacking. But this is the decisive stage, the militia offensive.
Unconfirmed information indicates we have taken the 37th checkpoint.
We are also attacking the 28th (that’s confirmed) and the town of

Ukrainians are shelling Stakhanovets, Smeloye, Donetskiy,
Novotoshkovka, as well as the cities of Pervomaysk, Kirovsk, Stakhanov. The
Bakhmutka front is ceasing its existence as it is becoming the Lisichansk

Translator’s Note: Still no breakthrough, and still no
evidence of successful Ukrainian counter-attacks. Judging by the strengths and
weaknesses of the two opposing sides, the Ukrainians rely heavily on artillery
and armor, but are lacking in motivated infantry which appears to be the main
area of LPR/DPR advantage, even though Novorossia has sufficient artillery and armor
to reduce Ukrainian advantages there. The earlier reports that Kharkov is being
fortified indicates Ukrainian authorities fear their frontline is liable to
collapse. The uptick of reports of LPR/DPR advances suggests it’s a
well-grounded fear.  Zakharchenko is making good on his threat to continue the advance until Poroshenko finally stops playing games.

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