Frontline Update: UAF front is collapsing


January 20, 2015
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

The message from the militiaman with callsign “Sych”:

“We finally began the offensive on this site. After breaking through the defense before the 31st UAF checkpoint we already are fighting for the 29th checkpoint – now it is being fired at with everything from machine guns to Hurricanes. We are also storming 37th, 28th and Krymskoye checkpoints. From Kriakowka we fired artillery on positions of UAF in Trehizbenka!

UAF front is collapsing – defense between the main fortifications is broken or destroyed completely. In order to block the paths for reinforcement our artillery is bombarding the positions of UAF in Orekhovoye, Zolotoye and Svetlichnoye. Well. God willing, I am going back to the 29th.”

A message from a local resident:

“8 BTR’s went to Belaya Gora and Bakhmutka. The whole day they are shooting from heavy mortars and Grads from Krasnov (near Lisic) and from Belaya Gora on Bakhmutka. The militia fired on Loskutovka, where UAF is located. All day Lisichansk is sworming with  ambulances and cars with Nazis. Burying the Nazis in the cemetery in a  pile in the same grave, not even wraping. Burying with a tractor and thats it…In Stakhanov heard Grads shooting towards Bakhmutka and back in response. Nazis will not give up Lisichansk easily”.

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