Greece Sends Money to the Hospital for the Greeks of Mariupol


 Greek Medical Center in Mariupol

January 15, 2015
Translated from Greek by Tom Winter

The Greek government has decided to strengthen the “Hippocrates” Medical Center in Mariupol with 30,000 Euros for six months, to help meet its needs. The request of the Greek community, numbering approxiately 100,000, came to the Deputy Foreign Minister Akis Gerontopoulos via the president of the Federation of Greek Communities of Ukraine, Alexandra Protsenko-Pitsatzi. 

Given that the Medical Center is located at the edge of the war zone and serves Greek people throughout the region, where there are 29 Greek villages, the economic aid was seen as essential. The Greek community seeks help, and asks that the center make a medical mobile unit available.

“In the Greek villages, Gkranitnogie, for instance, with eight dead, and Tsermalik, with four wounded, people are in immediate need of medical help, and on account of this, it is vital to reassemble mobile medical teams in the Priazovie region,” – Alexandra Protsenko-Pitsatzi reported.

The Greek Medical Center was established to improve health care for the population of southeastern Ukraine, and is mainly dedicated to those with modest income. 

The Federation of Greek Associations of Ukraine and also the Greek communities, have already received 50,000 Euros from Athens, all told. “You have our sincere thanks for your interest, such that we can always call on you for assistance, and in the end, that you are accessible and attentive to the diaspora,” -wrote the president of the Federation, addressing Akis Gerontopoulos. 

According to sources in the Foreign Ministry, requests for repatriation of Ukrainian Greeks amount to 284, a small number, considering that citizens of Greek origin there amount to about 100,000. However the Greek government has given the word to facilitate repatriation processing.

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