“If Ukrainians have an ounce of common sense left, I doubt this mobilization will succeed”–A View from Ukraine



Kiev Journalist: Ukrainian citizens ought to unite againstmobilization.

By Valentina Katran

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

A Kiev journalist or, more specifically, the chief editor or
RBK Ukraine Anton Podlutskiy expressed his opinion concerning counter-terrorism
mobilization: the authorities lack resources in order to carry out a genuine
mobilization, therefore the population ought to resist being sent to slaughter.

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Ukrainian citizens and civil rights organization should
unite their efforts against the mobilization since it is illegal.

“The Ukrainian authorities do not have enough police,
prosecutors, legal staff to go around and physically force people into the
slaughterhouse. I am amazed that our civil rights organizations did not involve
themselves and swamp courts with lawsuits concerning the mobilization which, to
put it mildly, is illegal. You can appeal to emotions, feelings, patriotism,
but such appeals cannot replace legality. The President signed a decree, but
who is he, the Queen of England? His authority is limited by legislation. If
Ukrainians have an ounce of common sense left, I doubt this mobilization will
be successful,” said Podlutskiy.

“In my view, the country is being transferred under foreign
control, the appointment of foreigners to the post of ministers is an example
of that. We cannot carry out these reforms ourselves. Unfortunately, we have
ceased being a state. That is, yes, we have all the formal attributes of a
state, but we are a territory on which foreigners play their games, and we
either participate on one or the other side of the game. “Quilted Jackets—Embroidered
Shirts” , folks, that’s somebody else’s game, not ours,” explains Podlutskiy.

“I said already a long time ago, before the Constitution was
adopted, that Ukraine ought to be indivisible and federated. The events of the
last year have starkly illustrated this problem. Ukraine ought to be unified, but
also federated,” said the Kiev journalist.

Translator’s Note: RBK Ukraine is one of the country’s
foremost economy and business news portals, thus Podlutskiy’s views are likely
a reflection of the sentiment of a large segment of the business elite, which
cannot view the growing lawlessness, or the potential implications of martial
law, with equanimity.

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