“If you are for Obama, go to America!”–Kramatorsk women defy Ukrainian army



Mothers of Kramatorsk draftees call themselves “Russian” andtell the military commissar to go to the US.

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Kramatorsk women staged a meeting at the military
commissariat, categorically refusing to allow their children to fight against
the militia and said that “we are nearly all Russians.”

The local military commissar Andrey Vasilenko came out to
meet with the women and tried to appeal to their sense of patriotism. “While
you sleep, eat,

rest, these guys are defending your homes,” said Vasilenko,
causing an outburst of outraged reactions.

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After the tumult quieted down, Vasilenko asked “Are you for
Putin? Then, please, go to Russia.”

“And who are you for? Who are you for?”—he was asked in
return. Why don’t you go to America if you are for Biden and Obama.”

The women of Kramatorsk reminded him how the Ukrainian army
bombed the city in the summer. “There were no weapons here, until Ukrainian
tanks showed up,” said one of the mothers.

The mothers also said they’d like to see the children of
leaders of the country and of Kramatorsk in the first ranks of the military.
They are not going to allow their own children to be taken, especially since
they themselves don’t understand against who this war is, and over what.

“We have brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, grandchildren in
Russia,” the women appealed to the government representative. “Nearly all of us
are Russian! What do we need this war for? All of us are sitting at home,
fearing for our men, and crying into the pillow,” said one of the participants.

Militia forces left Kramatorsk in July 2014. The city came
under the control of the Ukrainian military after bloody battles in which many
civilians suffered. The city was shelled by heavy artillery, including Grad

DPR leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko expressed hope that
Slavyansk and Kramatorsk will return to DPR through negotiations.

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