Igor Plotnitsky talks about the murder of the mayor of Pervomaysk Evgeny Ishchenko


January 23, 2015

Infofront – Youtube

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Igor Plotnitsky (I.P.): With sadness I would like to report that we became witness to another crime of Kiev authorities against peaceful residents and the government of Lugansk People’s Republic. Evgeny Ishchenko, whom I have appointed as a mayor of the city of Pervomaysk, was killed yesterday, and discovered today. This person fulfilled his duties honorably, principally and firmly. Was fighting for the interests of his residents,  and understood the goals and tasks of building the Republic as a whole.

I want to express my condolences to the families and loved ones of the killed.I gave strict orders to find the perpetrators, because we already  know who are the masterminds. I am sure that the perpetrators will be found in the shortest time. He had three volunteers with him, who were distributing humanitarian aid. 

Reporter: Were they from Russia?

I.P: As far as I know they were locals. They disappeared yesterday. Everyone was looking for them. Today they were discovered somewhere on the outskirts of the city. They came under fire of a Ukrainian recon-subversive group, which is seen from the manner of the attack. Those who were on the right ran to the right, and he ran to the left, he was discovered 70 meters from the car. It was an execution. 

This is another crime against our peaceful residents, our residents and people’s government. He used to be a military, but he has since became a civil servant, defending the interests of his own city, his own people. But unfortunately they do not stop at killing peaceful civilians. 

R.: Why didn’t he have security?

I.P: The question is not about security, even Kennedy had security. The issue is that he was doing his job faithfully. He was distributing humanitarian aid, we coordinated with them about deliveries.

Prosecutor, special services are investigating. They stumbled on a recon-subversive group, which destroyed regular people. They were in a civil vehicle. They didn’t care that they were civilians. They all got executed.

R,: Who are the masterminds?

I.P: The Kiev armed forces, Poroshenko regime. We will find the perpetrators.  Recon-subversive groups often come here, but rarely leave.

R.: What’s the likelihood that these subversive groups are not sent here to destroy the first officials of the republic?

I.P: We are not aware about such goals, but the likelihood exists. But it doesn’t change our regime, our conscience, our approach. No one is afraid anymore. This doesn’t change anything for our work. They used to sent them, are sending them,and will send, them, so what? This has no relation to our work. But as we were working, we will continue to work, as we were rebuilding, we will continue to rebuild, as we were winning. we will continue to win. Including today.

R.: Thank you 

I.P: You are welcome

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