Ilovaysk-2 ? On the failure of Ukrainian counter-attack



Ilovaysk-2: Right Sector and National Guard once again
betray AFU.

By Roman Nesterenko

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Yesterday’s attempt by Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) to
retake Donetsk Airport from the militia utterly failed not only because the
Sparta and Somali battalions are the best infantry in the world right now, but
also because Ukrainian forces and, especially, their leadership, shot
themselves in the foot in a manner similar that had earlier led to their
humiliating defeat at Ilovaysk.

Honestly, I feel pity for the fools from the AFU 93rd
Brigade, who two days ago were posing in front of their tanks for the benefit
of Ukrainian TV, were shouting “Glory to Ukraine, death to enemies,” only to be
once again betrayed by their “brothers” from the Right Sector, the Nazi Guard,
and terror battalions.

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The idea of storming a city without proper infantry support
is deeply flawed. The idea of providing infantry support in the form of Right
Sector and the Dnepr-1 territorial battalion is likewise deeply flawed. Because
these formations betrayed AFU like the earlier the PR-battalion Azov under the
command of neo-Nazi Biletsky, and the battalion Donbass led by the clown

Biletsky and Semenchenko are now in the Rada, but the
soldiers of the 93rd Brigade which was decimated at Ilovaysk are now
corpses laying around their  burned out
tanks, because the scum who is commanding the “CTO” couldn’t care less about
the lives of their soldiers or the lives of DPR civilians. The territorial
battalions and Right Sector battalions do not exist to die under separatist

Therefore yesterday Ukrainian tanks stormed into the
outlying areas of Donetsk from two directions—Peski and Avdeyevka, without infantry
support and, having fallen under  “friendly
fire” a couple of times, were nearly completely destroyed by RPG ambushes and
coordinated artillery fire. The indomitable Motorola and his troops then
stormed into Peski on the heels of the few surviving AFU troops, thus depriving
Poroshenko of a launch pad for terror shelling of Donetsk.

So far we know that NAF casualties are minimal—3 tanks
without crews, a few wounded. At the same time AFU lost at least 20 tanks,
several of them were captured in working order. Two tanks were buried under the
collapsed Putilovskiy bridge [depicted above]. Preliminary data suggests AFU casualties in that
battle run in the hundreds.

At the same time the hypocrite Poroshenko is asking for an
immediate ceasefire.

One wants to ask AFU soldiers—do you enjoy being cannon-fodder.
Think about it—you still have time until some other nationalist fanatic from
Kiev sends you into another suicide assault, and the Right Sector and NazGuard
once again betrays you.

Translator’s Note: Nesterenko is no doubt correct in his
assessment of the National Guard, the volunteer battalions, the Right Sector,
and all the other Freikorps-style formations whose real purpose is political,
not military. The Ukrainian counter-attack did indeed fail at the hands of the
Donetsk defenders, and one is yet to hear or see any evidence of the self-styled
patriots of Ukraine from the neo-Nazi paramilitary formations actually
participating in any of the fighting. To be sure, Azov seems to be somewhere in
the vicinity of Mariupol, but other such formations no doubt are in the front
line opposite of Donetsk. The lack of cooperation among all the formations is
sure to lead to heightened friction and recriminations, and at the moment the
greatest threat to the paramilitaries is the Ukrainian military.

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