Immediate Announcement by DPR head Zakharchenko



Immediate Announcement by DPR head Zakharchenko 

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

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The DPR Government and People’s Council Press Center
announced that on January 19, 2015, the head of the DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko issued
a statement concerning the violation of the ceasefire by the Ukrainian side.

“I can with all confidence say that all Ukrainian attempts
to retake the airport and to recoup the defeat which we inflicted on them last
year, failed. The Ukrainian army had taken severe losses. Six armor-infantry
attacks were launched on  the terminal over
the course of two days. They all were defeated. We also defeated Ukrainian
attempt to break into Donetsk. Unfortunately, the Putilovskiy bridge was blown
up. The entire column which attempted the breakthrough was destroyed. Three
Ukrainian tank crewmen were taken prisoner. Ukraine is using the ceasefire in
order to rearm, regroup, and restore combat effectiveness. Now we can see that
Ukraine broke the ceasefire and went on the offensive.”

“We have never experienced the sort of artillery bombardment
that we had experienced over the last two days. Ukraine is smashing the houses
of peaceful residents: children, the elderly, women. They are using combat
aircraft. Yesterday evening Ukraine bombed Gorlovka. A representative of the
Coordinating Center was in the zone of fire. Shrapnel was flying past the OSCE
mission in Donetsk.”

“We are peaceful people and do not want war, do not want to
kill anyone. However, the DPR Armed Forces stand ready to repel any enemy
attacks. As a result of our counter-offensive we have began combat operations
on the outskirts of Avdeyevka. Yesterday Peski changed hands twice. Today we
will conclude clearing operations.”

“I should note the upsurge of patriotism among the
population. I want to address the international community, OSCE, one more time:
if you share our opinion concerning the ceasefire, compel Kiev to fulfill their
obligations under Minsk Agreements.”

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