In five days Ukrainian forces lost 2,000 wounded, 25% of equipment, 700 killed and missing


January 16, 2015
Translated from Russian by J. Hawk 

In 5 days the Ukrainian army lost 25% of its first-line equipment, up to 2,000 wounded. Reinforcements are moving up. The fight for Novotoshkovka is continuing. The militia at the 31st checkpoint is taking significant losses.

LPR army militiaman with the call-sign Sych described the operational situation on the LPR front.

“I’m at the 31st checkpoint. I feel sadness. Overnight there was a pitched battle, we lost many of our brothers. But they did not push us out of the checkpoint. The Ukrainian army threw their last reserves but had to withdraw—we have about 15 killed and 50 wounded.

Intelligence collection indicates the Ukrainian front line was reinforced. Equipment arrived in Krymskoye, Orekhovo-Donetskiy, Schastye, and Stanitsa.

A Ukrainian column tried to penetrate toward Debaltsevo, but the road is under fire, so they lost 1 tank and 3 trucks. Ukrainians are demoralized. In 5 days they lost up to 2,000 wounded along the entire front, including 700 irretrievable losses [killed, missing, prisoners].

They lost a quarter of their heavy equipment and artillery that was in the first line. Most casualties were inflicted by artillery fire. We’re continuing the bombardment of the entire Ukrainian front line.

Ukrainians are sitting in shelters for the second day. Their army tried to take Novotoshkovka, but we held out and are fighting near the village. The Ukrainian army is too weak to attack, so they are trying to reach a settlement, but after an almost whole year of war we know they can’t be believed. We fire without respite!

For Novorossia, for Russia, for the Russian Community!”

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