January 21 Frontline Update

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Brief Summary of Important Developments. Colonel Cassad.

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

No change in the vicinity of the airport. Avdeevka and the
air defense unit garrison north of the runway are controlled by the junta, most
of Peski are under our control. There will be an effort to fully clear Peski
today which will probably be followed by a push to eject the junta from Avdeevka.

Our movement toward Mariupol had stopped. Artillery is at
work right now, creating  preconditions
for further movement. Enemy artillery fire had grown over the last day. The
enemy in the city itself is somewhat demoralized, since the junta is worrying
about a powerful assault by our forces on this direction without guarantees it
can repel that assault.

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The front in the vicinity of the Bakhmutka road was not
broken. The 31st checkpoint was taken and defended from junta
attempts to retake it. Battles are continuing for the 29th
checkpoint and the vicinity of Krymskoye. Artillery is still the main deterrent
factor. The enemy brought up reserves to parry the threat which appeared on in
the evening of the 19th. Now the situation is more or less stable,
though we are expecting intensification of combat operations by the evening.

The enemy is continuing heavy artillery bombardment of
Novorossia cities, which confirms a simple truth: if junta forces are not
pushed away from the direct vicinity of the main cities of the Donbass, we can’t
expect the shelling to stop. Our artillery can only reduce the effectiveness of
such shelling, but cannot completely stop them.

The enemy is also preparing the information battlefield for the
ultimate surrender of the Donetsk Airport. The site is already being labeled as
useless from both the military and transportation point of view. It seems that
if the attacks against the cluster of airport administrative buildings fail, it
will be announced that the “cyborgs” carried out their heroic duty, destroyed
half the Russian Army, and withdrew to more advantageous positions in order to
shorten the frontline [a reference to late-WW2 Nazi explanations of Wehrmacht
retreats and withdrawals].

Our forces on LPR/DPR territory remain in full battle
readiness. They are awaiting possible offensive operations by the junta
(Turchinov went to the frontline for a reason), and are ready to launch an
offensive of their own once they get the go-ahead.

Translator’s Note: This is what’s known as a “tactical pause”.
Both sides are regrouping and reorganizing after the last round of fighting,
and are trying to feel out each other’s weak and strong positions. Novorossia
forces came out ahead in the last round 
of fighting—at no point did the Ukrainian forces gain any territory, but
were instead forced to relinquish ground in at least 3 or 4 sectors of the
front. The Ukrainian forces likewise suffered heavier casualties than
Novorossia forces—the recent capture of the 93rd Brigade commander
suggests some Ukrainian units were genuinely chewed up in the fighting.

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