Junta Losses for 13-19 January



Junta Losses for 13-19 January

By Cassad

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

DPR intelligence was able to acquire an official Ukrainian
Ministry of Defense casualty report based on daily personnel strength reports
from individual units, dated January 19, 2015 (published with the approval of
DPR military headquarters).

The daily personnel report is a document in the form of a
table which is filled out at all levels of the chain of command, starting with
the platoon leader and ending with the deputy minister, during combat operations
or training exercises. Daily personnel reports are then collated into the total
casualty reports.

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Casualty data for “counter-terrorism operation” forces
between 13 and 19 January 2015.

962 Killed in Action

1279 Wounded in Action

476 Missing in Action

244 pieces of equipment (implies armored vehicles, rather
than individual weapons)

513 artillery pieces (presumably includes infantry mortars).

57 killed in the Azov regiment (Mariupol) up to 1/18/2015

14 wounded in the Azov regiment (Mariupol) up to 1/18/1015

PS. Let me clarify that we don’t have enough factual data
concerning junta casualties, they are being reported in a very fragmentary
fashion in open sources of information, therefore I can neither confirm nor
disconfirm the numbers cited above.

Translator’s Note: The relatively small disparity between
KIA and WIA numbers is interesting, implying either lack of medical care, or, more likely,
that lightly wounded troops who remained in their units and were not evacuated
are not counted toward the WIA total. The large number of artillery pieces
destroyed is also remarkable, even considering it includes a number of light
weapons such as 82mm mortars. Still, most reports to date indicate heavy
counter-battery fires by Novorossia forces, to the point of additional
artillery forces being brought up to the front line. Since artillery is still
the biggest killer on the battlefield, these numbers are not surprising
considering the amount of artillery ammunition expended and Novorossia forces
proven expertise (at, among other places, the Ilovaysk pocket of last year) at
target acquisition. The MIA numbers likely represent prisoners of war and
deserters. The destruction of Ukrainian artillery is a major prerequisite for a
successful breakout by Novorossia forces, and the numbers above suggest
Ukrainian forces are being gradually deprived of their main stabilizer of the
front line. That would explain the relatively limited offensive by Novorossia
forces, sufficiently intense to force Ukrainian artillery to come into action
and expose itself to counterbattery fire, yet not intense enough to provide
tempting targets for Ukrainian artillery.

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