Kiev Bulldogs Are Fighting Under the Carpet



Kiev Bulldogs Are Fighting Under the Carpet

 By ua_katarsis

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Everyone knows that the Kiev ruling elite has never been
monolithic. Now, after yet another failure of Donetsk “pacification”, it’s time
for another round of under-the-surface dogfights whose results we can only
guess at.

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Here’s the interesting thing: Poroshenko is the only one who
has not blamed Russia for shelling Mariupol. By comparison, here are Turchinov’s
words: “The blood of the people killed there, and of many other Ukrainians, is
on the hands of the Russian President Putin, whose orders are being implemented
by the criminals.” And here’s Yatsenyuk: “The world must stop the aggressor
that is posing a threat to Ukraine, Europe, and world security. The problem is
not in Donetsk, not in Lugansk, but in the hero-city Moscow. Moscow, Kremlin,
Vladimir Putin.” Poroshenko, on the other hand, said the following: “The
so-called DPR and LPR ought to be classified as terrorist organizations. It’s
time to name their sponsors as well.”

Today, on 1/26/2015, at the Defense and Security Committee
meeting, a decision was made to file a suit with the Hague Tribunal, and also
to request the Council of Europe to declare LPR/DPR terrorist organizations.

Then there are the personnel changes: Poroshenko gave a
preliminary agreement to dismiss Prosecutor General Yarema (Kolomoyskiy
succeeded in gathering 120 Rada deputy signatures out of 120 needed) and
discuss the matter of dismissing General Staff chief Muzhenko.

Yatsenyuk’s positions are growing stronger. The Ministry of
Justice (under the control of his man Petrenko) acquires the functions of the
eliminated executive and registrative services. Considering that now private
enterprises may implement court decisions, it will be interesting who will get
the collection services market (which is where former bandits gravitate).

And the most unexpected development: the newly appointed “Varangian”
[reference to his foreign citizenship] Ayvaras Abromavichus signed the Ministry
of Economic Development Decree No. 39/27 from 1/22/2015 that prohibits
enterprises owned by Kolomoyskiy and Firtash to participate in bidding for
government properties/services beign privatized. We’ll soon see who will fatten
themselves here…

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