“Kiev has no good way out of its predicament”–Analysis



Minsk-2. Who Needs It.

By Yurasumy

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

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Kiev is making a big mistake by showing everyone that it is
open to negotiations. Even the Minsk Protocol causes the neo-Nazis to grind
their teeth and make comments in which the most innocent word used is “treason.”
But for Kiev the problem lies in that Moscow will NEVER conduct negotiations
under Minsk-1 conditions. The train has left the station. The last train car
has rounded the corner at the end of last year. Minsk-1 was supposed to become
Astana-1, but Washington forbade it.

So far it’s a dead end. Kiev is not ready to offer anything
other than Minsk-1. Moscow made it very clear through Plotnitskiy there is
nothing to talk about. LPR/DPR sent relatively junior officials, which
demonstrated their attitude toward the negotiations. In any event, the
negotiations will not yield any results until Novorossia forces do not reach
the previously declared line.

But there is also another risk factor for Kiev. The capital
is flooded with militants who can always be used for a coup. The situation is
being deliberately escalated. The number of soldiers will continue to increase.
They are only waiting for an excuse. A “significant defeat” at the front could
serve as one. In other words, Kiev has no good way out of its predicament. It
also does not have time.

P.S. Judging by official US announcements (Kerry), they no
longer place their “hopes” in Poroshenko. It may well be this is a signal to
prepare a putsch. It’s possible that the 6-8 February trip may be Poroshenko’s
last. For his own health, it might be best for him not to return. Because on
February 18-22 there will be Nazis parading all over Kiev due to the first
anniversary of the coup. It’s enough time for a “significant defeat” to take

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