Kiev’s offensive stumbles in Donbass


January 16, 2014
Russkiy Malchik – Live Journal
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Judging by the bits of information from the militia, the armed forces of Novorossia responded to attacks so powerfully that further aggravation of the situation on the part of Kiev is not expected. Thus, the planned attack on Donbass choked. Even the bloody provocation near Volnovaha did not help.

Moreover, representatives of the DPR and LPR, after kicking the aggressor in the but, show generosity and willingness to negotiate. Yesterday DPR sent to Ukraine 300 tons of coal for free, as a gesture of good will (even if it is Russian coal for Crimea – it is beautiful), and representatives of DPD and LPR went to Minsk to prepare for negotiations on January 16, Kyiv.

Moreover, Zakharchenko suggested Poroshenko to meet at the airport, which cannot be retaken (it’s actually kind of surreal). This meeting is even less possible than successful negotiations in Minsk, but it is also a beautiful demonstration of the power and willingness for equal conversation.

Donbass will prevail – no doubt about it!

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