Letter from Shakhtersk City Hospital: we are out of blood transfusion containers


Ivan Voronov #jesuisVania

January 17, 2015
Svetlana Sheludko – Facebook
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Shakhtersk Central City Hospital is asking for help, kind people! Please repost!!! Humanitarian battalion is asking the Russian brothers and sisters, as well as the caring people to HELP BUY CONTAINERS FOR BLOOD TRANSFUSION.

The reality in the words of the acting chief physician of Shakhtersk Central City Hospital of Donetsk Republic:

“Recently a tragedy happened: two boys 6 and 9 years old blew up in their backyard. The younger Timothy, 6 years old – died, the oldest, Ivan Voronov, 9 years old – is alive, but crippled (lost two feet, right hand and both eyes). Their step-father lost his life too. To save Vania’s life we used the last reserves of blood and now we have nothing left – we are in dire need of packages for donor blood. Without them, in such cases – we can’t help. Every day people come with gunshot, shrapnel wounds, need an average of 100-150 containers for transportation and transfusion of blood per month and this is only for one hospital, and how many hospitals there are in the republic, not one dozen. One container costs 180 rubles Insulin also in short supply. Yesterday came a father of a child-diabetic, quietly hysterical: “I have nothing – no money, no insulin. One week left to live”. And we have many like that. If you can help – we will be happy!

acting chief physician of Shakhtersk City Hospital,
Korshak Andrey Vasilyevich”

Accounts and details for financial aid at http://gumbat.su/donate
Donetsk tel. +38 099 45 496
Rostov-on-don tel. +7 988 94 07 605
skype: lgc.novorossiae
email: [email protected]
Warehouses are open from 9-00 till 18-00

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