Lugansk Front: Ukrainian forces are taking stunning losses


January 16, 2014


Translated from Russian by J. Hawk

LPR is suppressing the firing positions of the occupiers, the Ukrainian forces are trying to restore the river crossing behind Krimskoye.

Commander of an LPR unit Stas “Engineer” announced the beginning of night-time bombardments on the Lugansk front.

“The evening begins. I put on some music. My fire direction platoon commander will pinpoint targets. It will take about an hour and a half to distribute all the targets, but that’s planning.

“Shells are flying north of Zholtoye, next to Aidar and Schastye. I’m planning to clean up the West, yesterday was not enough. One munitions depot and three tanks, not enough.”

“Ukrainians are once again trying to repair the ferry behind Krimskoye, and let them keep trying. This problem can be solved in 20 minutes, using 200 liters of gasoline and 120 artillery rockets. That’s what it took last time.”

“Everything’s going well, today at the evening briefing artillery came in for special praise for its particular effectiveness, so we were thanked.”

“Ukrainian forces are taking stunning losses both in manpower and material. No exact data yet. Only in a couple of days will I know what we bagged.”

“Good night to all those not in Lugansk. And if you are in Lugansk, apologies in advance, I’m going to make some noise (though it’s easier to sleep to my noise than to Ukrainian noise). Everyone in the city can hear just fine.”

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