Mariupol refugee: the residents saw were the fire came from, and it wasn’t from the militia (mini documentary)


January 29, 2015
Specialny Korrespondent (Russia 1)
Translated by Krisitna Rus


Militiaman with a callsign “Batya” is taking us to Mariupol. This is a buffer zone, village Shirokino. The last few days the fighting here was hotter then anywhere else in Donbass.

– From here we were fighting back. This is all that’s left from a checkpoint. Direct hit from SAU. Look, everything blown to pieces.

Absolutely empty highway, completely subject to fire. No cars besides our armored Niva. People don’t walk here. Ukrainian subversive groups everywhere.

– We can stop by in Shirokino. They are scared of our car!

 He means Ukrainian recon-subversive groups and spotters are scared of his car.

– Last time when we worked here in Shirokino, there were still Ukrainian troops. And what about now?

– Now? Ha! Do you want to go get some Pepsi in a store?

We are entering Shirokino. Even we thought this was too daring.

He realized that it is better to go to a store on the territory of DPR.

Just one day ago this farthest outpost of DPR militia was hit with several SAU missiles. And two people died here. This checkpoint was destroyed by an attack from Ukrainian grads. Two fighters died on the spot, volunteers from Russia.

A volunteer fighter from France survived by a miracle. His hand was broken, a finger smashed. Giyom is  from Provance. He is pale, wounded and has a concussion.  

– I can not tell you many details. I can just say that I was lightly wounded from a 82 mm mortar. During the explosion I was hit with shrapnel, and I could not hear temporarily. But my other friends were injured much more seriously and some were  killed. Let’s think about them. I am o’key.

Giyom is not very talkative, and a little nervous.

– I don’t know where it came from. I think pretty close, but I don’t know for sure.

We had to find out why the French fight against Ukraine for DPR

– France is completely under the control of the EU, and this is the reason for many of our problems, related to the economy, unemployment, bureaucracy. The reason for many problems is the dictate from Brussels. And Russia is the only country that can stand up to globalization and EU.  This is why we are on it’s side

Very soon Giyom will go back to the motherland. And the war in Donbass will continue, but without him.

Batya is shooting from SVD on a spotted van with Ukrainian stripes. To come in the open from their side during the day is very audacious. This is how in this buffer zone near Mariupol a war between subversive groups is being verged.

This DPR tank, taken earlier from the Ukrainian forces, blew up on a mine. To take it now from October is impossible, firing continues. Very soon it will be fixed and back to the battlefield.

Militiamen, also local residents, no longer live on the land. The land is mined with Ukrainian mines. And now many serve to protect their homes, and somehow make it until spring.

The Azov sea is frozen, but this is now a winter resort for refugees from Mariupol and Donetsk.  Hundreds of families with kids escaped to Novoazovsk on DPR territory from Mariupol.

The kids are finding simple activities. Keeping themselves busy as much as they can. Real children of war, children of freedom.

Their pale faces show sadness, fear and hope, which is especially evident in these difficult time of war.

Dmitry Chepkassov left Mariupol, because he was scared for his family. The shelling of the district Vostochnoye with grads forced him to collect his belongings and run towards Donetsk.

– I am more then sure that it was a provocation, because many residents of these districts think… they simply SAW were the fire came from. They say it was all from the Ukrainian positions. Not from us. Although they say the shots came from here. No, they didn’t come from here. It was scary to remain in Mariupol, for my wife, for my daughter. Because a very very large number of militants arrived in Mariupol. I don’t even know what kind of battalions these are, and who is controlling them. There were talks about rapes, about people disappearing.  I had to save my wife.

Baba Shura from Donetsk feels safe at this Novoazov resort with her grandchildren. Her district, Kuybyshevsky, next to the airport was practically destroyed. Here, near Mariupol, she is content with everything, except for Ukrainian TV. 

– All lies, excuse me. We are all adults. If a rocket comes from there and falls here, then can you tell where it came from? But they say it came from the opposite side. How can you listen to that? We cannot listen to that anymore. 

(The second half of the film is about the Donetsk airport, and fallen DPR fighters) 

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