Mariupol residents are not fooled – Ukrainian soldiers left their Eastern checkpoint ahead of the strike


January 25, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

In the morning of January 24 the Eastern outskirts of Mariupol were attacked near the UAF checkpoint, writes Internet news resource Donetsk Republic News. But junta fighters were not injured, because according to local residents, they left the fortification a few hours before the strike.

“In a huge number of homes there is broken glass, the situation is very serious. There is no water and electricity, it was disabled half an hour or an hour before the fire, I have not noticed the time. They have been preparing for this situation, knew about it,” – said a resident of Mariupol. He stressed that the situation is similar to a false flag.

Lifenews interviews Mariupol resident

“They wanted to create a huge reaction to set the population against our militia. We thought at first that it was a mistake, but then I realized that it was intentional. Past our windows was driving a new rotation of these banderites… They immediately turned around and pulled back”, –  says a local resident, reports Lifenews.

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