Minister of Interior of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov, barricaded by Donbass battalion fighters “to resolve internal issues”


January 12, 2015
Translated from Russian by J. Hawk

Donbass Battalion fighters have a “open exchange of views” with Avakov and Semenchenko.

Donbass Battalion did not permit Avakov and Semenchenko to leave the territory of their unit. This was reported on Facebook by Oleg Dub, one of battalion’s fighters.

The Donbass veterans barricaded the gate preventing the departure of Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov, in order to resolve the internal conflicts within the battalion. Dub underscored the discussion was “direct.”

“Avakov and Semenchenko were here. Semenchenko brought 50 new recruits so that they would support him, and he also had his numerous bodyguards. He wanted to break up the veterans into groups and deal with each separately. But the veterans had their own ideas. Semenchenko fled.”—writes Oleg Dub on the social network.

Translator’s Note:

One wonders what this exchange of views was about. Pay? Equipment? Fringe benefits? Living conditions? Or…politics? After all, one does not confront the Minister “just because”. So even though the Donbass Battalion may still be officially subordinated to the Ministry of the Interior, it is certainly plausible that its veterans feel they have been short-changed by the Ministry and view the Right Sector’s independence as an example to emulate. Or maybe even to join.

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