NAF commander: “Ukrainian fire is very chaotic, but we cannot use artillery in a populated area.” Video report from Uglegorsk.


January 30, 2014

Alexander Kots and Dmitry Steshin (Komsomolskaya Pravda)

Translated by Kristina Rus

“Militia encircled 8,000 strong formation of the Ukrainian army”

– It’s in working condition. It shoots, we checked yesterday.

– When can you fix it?

– A couple days. 

– Do they abandon them?

– They simply abandoned it, just ran away. We started it, and drove away. When we take a position, they abandon it. They just run.

– Did they break anything?

– No, not at all. It was completely in tact. We added some liquids, checked the system, serviced it for a couple days. It was completely in working condition. It is now fighting on the frontline. This tank. 

“Shakhter”, DPR fighter: I am a coal miner, from the village. Worked on coal mines for 15 years. Had a little left until retirement. But these, excuse me, bastards, as they call them, fascists, didn’t allow us an opportunity to have a normal life. They came to our land. We didn’t come to their land. So, greetings to everyone! We will soon come over, meaning to Kiev and Lvov. Don’t bother us, let us live a normal life. And everything will be okay. Hello to everyone from our entire tank battalion!

[The writing on the tank says “Hello from Bes.” Bes- Besler, meaning “Devil”]

“Shakhter”: This is an “Ukrop” tank. We took it in Azerianovka, in a fortified zone. We had 3 teams, recon, infantry, all working together… We painted it over. This box is now working against them!

Correspondent Alexander Kots: This is an outskirt of Uglegorsk. Militia took it last night. The sweep of the town is ongoing. Militia is working in downtown. Also an attack of the train staion is taking place. I want to remind you that this town Uglegorsk is located on the highway leading straight to Debaltsevo. Now in the direction of Debaltsevo behind my back a militia tank is working. 

“Leshy”, DPR fighter: I want to tell those people who left, and didn’t want to defend our krai. Guys, that was a mistake, you should have taken weapons in your hands, and stood side by side with us and defended our land!

– There it goes!

“Leshy”: According to our recon, in this district which we just shot at, there are two mortar installations. Supposedly 120 mm. We worked on it, I believe we got the target. We were taught how to fight, too.

“Sever”, the battalion commander: We are now in direct combat with Ukrainian army. From 100 up to a kilometer. You can hear they are working now, close. The town is pretty dense. We are responding as much as we can. We are limited by the fact that much fighting goes on in populated areas. And, as you can understand we cannot use artillery in a populated area, and this means large losses. The are working from three sides, all except West. Because in the West they have nowhere to shoot from. Their fire has a very chaotic character, mostly in squares. I have not so far seen targeted precise firing. To hit a quarter, yes, please. With logical results. My man power losses are minimal,  but destruction is very serious, you can see for yourselves. 

– Our guys buried ukrop…

– Guys, all the best, good luck! Donbass says hello!

– Olia, sister, in Tula,  I am alive! 

– This is my fire corrector! 

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