New Volnovakha – 13 civillians killed on Donetsk trolley. Ukrainian commander admits it was Ukrainian artillery (Video)


January 22, 2015
Alexander Kots, Komsomolskaya Pravda – Youtube
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Alexander Kots:

“The picture is very gruesome. Today is a very tragic day for the entire Donetsk. At 8:40 am during the rush hour, when people were going to work, here at the trolley loop in Leninsky district several mortars blew up right at the trolley stop. This district is far from the airport. There are 8 bodies now on the scene. Some in the trolley, some on the street. One burned in his car. Several bodies have already been taken away. According to our information, there are from 13 to 15 dead – about the same number as in Volnovakha.”

– When did this happen?

– When it happened? I wish it didn’t happen, I can’t talk…

– Do you know any of the dead?

– She was her sister. She was like a sister to me. She came to Donetsk for two days.  And died. I wish this chocolatier will never have peace. Let Poroshenko be cursed. Him, his children and grandchildren… He said yesterday, he is a president of peace. My sister is laying there! We lost such a close person. She is a mother of three children, two grandchildren, was waiting for another grandchild. Tanusha, I wish I was in your place!

NAF soldiers bring out a captured Ukrainian commander.

– Tell the camera, b%tch, who did this?

– Don’t come close!

– Tell us, who did this?

– Artillery..

– What do you want from us?

– This is our land?

– Bastards!

– Open the door!

– Why did you come here, b$tch?

– Let me bite his ear off!

– I want to tear him to pieces!

– He was the commander of the cyborgs at the airport!

– Give him to the people!

– Give him to us!

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