“No Money For War”–IMF to Ukraine



No Money for War (Lagarde)

By Yurasumy

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The International Monetary Fund will assist Ukraine only
after the situation inside the country is stabilized. The IMF Executive
Director Christine Lagarde made this announcement in a Monday interview with Le

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In her words, IMF experts assumed that the conflict would be
over by the winter when determining the financial support plan. “Now we are
developing new variants, including giving Ukraine four years to implement
reforms”, clarified Lagarde.

She also said that the level of financing will “probably be
somewhat higher than anticipated,” but that will depend on military-political
factors. Lagarde underscored that all IMF plans assume the stabilization of
situation in Ukraine. “That is the priority. The linkage between economic and military
situation is self-evident,” said Lagarde.

To translate into human language, THEY WILL NOT GIVE KIEV
ANY MONEY (as if there were any doubts). That means the situation will develop
rapidly and toward the rapid deterioration of the internal situation and toward
an COUP D’ETAT  of one sort or another.
It’s only a matter of time (give or take a month). But this time it won’t be
the usual standing around on a square, but a swift and short clash of armed men
or  a CAPITULATION without a fight (which
cannot be ruled out, since it would be preferable to Poroshenko, but I’m sure
the Kremlin would not like that, therefore we’re still waiting).

The economy, in the meantime, awaits paralysis. It has
already begun. Factories are being idled on a mass scale, people are being
given unpaid furloughs, which is equivalent to being condemned to starvation
(and if you took out a loan in foreign currency, you might as well hang

Unfortunately (because Ukraine is after all my country, and
Ukrainians my countrymen) there are no good options for them in the near
future. Only bad and worse ones.

Translator’s Note: Aside from the obvious fact that the
junta is entering into a veritable Gotterdammerung comparable to the Nazi
German regime’s, when it was increasingly engaging in self-destructive
activities (for example, Hitler’s infamous “Nero Decree”), it should be also
clear that the West’s role in Ukraine’s civil war is approximately the same as
in Libya and Syria. They were perfectly happy to undermine the country’s
fragile political system, hoping that the new thugs would quickly take control
and reward their Western benefactors with lucrative contracts or privatization
deals. But once the country spirals out of control they walk away, looking for
another tempting target. The Kiev “elite” is struggling against that hard
reality, and its actions suggest that if they plausibly threaten a Ukrainian
disintegration, that by itself will force the West to pony up tens of billions
of dollars to shore up Ukraine’s economy (and line the pockets of anyone
connected to the Kiev “elite”). The recent declaration of Russia as an “aggressor”
is as much a game of chicken with the IMF as it is with Russia.

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