“Nobody can stop cornered Poroshenko”



Poroshenko is all in. He has no other choice.


By  Parmen Posokhov

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The situation is unfolding in very interesting ways, and I’m
writing this on Christmas night after midnight. Intense battles are swirling
around the Donetsk airport, and the main Ukrainian propagandists are quiet.

Tymchuk is quiet, the last time he made an appearance on
Facebook was on 16 January. Butusov likewise is not touching the topic of the
fighting, except for his cry from the soul concerning the visit to the airport
by the GenStaff chief Muzhenko. Keep the senior leadership out of the way and let
us fight.

Shiklinov, the pathos-laden bard writing about the “cyborg
exploits” likewise disappeared, pathos and all. And all of this is happening
against the background of victorious pronouncements emanating from CTO
leadership. It means that things are not going so well for the “cyborgs” and
CTO forces in general located in the vicinity of the Donetsk airport.

There’s the bombardment of civilian houses in Donetsk and
Gorlovka is going quite well, including by the recently used aviation. But one
does not write about such things.

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On the other hand we are seeing reports of DPR army
counterattacks against Peski and Avdeyevka. Ukrainian media briefly mentioned
the use of TOS-1 Buratino, which caused many casualties among Ukrainian troops.
Rings true. Let’s wait until morning and see what other weapons the militia
will use. No doubt it will use them.

The path for their use was cleared by Peskov’s announcement
concerning Putin’s latest peace initiative, and Poroshenko’s ignoring it. As
they say, “you’ve been warned.”  Tomorrow
it will begin, unless phones don’t start ringing in the Kremlin and the White
House, and Putin and Obama don’t reach some kind of an agreement. Possible, but
not likely.

Wheels are turning, and neither Obama nor Putin can stop
them, although they started turning rather sooner than they expected.
Poroshenko had no choice. He had to choose between a bad option and a very bad
option. Not starting the war meant overthrow and physical elimination already
in February. Nobody needs a living (especially living in exile) Poroshenko, not
Kolomoyskiy, not Turchinov, not Yatsenyuk, not Obama. Starting a war for which
the Ukrainian army is not prepared, thus risking military defeat, is also
suicidal, but at least there is a tiny chance for success, plus the war can
always thrash the volunteer battalions which answer to Kolomoyskiy, thus
depriving him his coup strike force. That’s why these battalions, especially
Azov, are being sent to the front line.

Poroshenko is now motivated by his self-preservation

Continuing the ceasefire only hastens his demise, while the
war makes the situation ore uncertain, from which he is hoping to find an
acceptable exit. Giving the order to shell Donetsk and Gorlovka, he is forcing
the militia to respond appropriately, regardless of what Moscow wants, and
stopping the militia now, after the bloodshed of civilian population, will be
very difficult if not impossible. In his attempt to save himself or, what’s
more likely, to delay the inevitable, he made the war unavoidable.

They seem to understand this in Moscow, and Peskov’s
statement only confirms it. Likewise in Washington. Nobody can stop cornered

We can only watch which side will turn out better prepared
for this turn events, which army, Ukraine’s or Novorossia’s, will prove
stronger. Obama did not manage to transfer weapons from Afghanistan to Ukraine.
Poroshenko, by prematurely starting combat operations, lost to Putin. And,
perhaps, he was cleverly provoked into taking this step. If so, all I can do is
applaud the Russian government’s skillful handling of the situation.

P.S. Poroshenko has turned to drink. He arrives at work only
by 2-3pm. While talking to visitors in his cabinet he likes to throw items from
his desk. By 10-11pm he’s drunk. He is driven home every night around 1-2am.

Translator’s Note: This is entirely probable, though one has
to consider the possibility that Yatsenyuk and Turchinov are running the war
entirely behind Poroshenko’s back, reducing the president to the role of
figurehead. Still, the above analysis still holds even assuming it’s
Yatsenyuk/Turchinov who are trying to stave off their overthrow, because the
silence from the Ukrainian propagandists and from, well, Western governments
who tend to sound just like Ukrainian propagandists, is deafening. The fighting
has been going on for a few days now, it’s as if the West has written off the
post-Maidan crew but has no post-post-Maidan team in mind, waiting to take
over. Which suggests that Ukraine is facing the possibility of a power vacuum
at the center, leading to the splintering of the former Ukrainian state.

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