Summary of Combat Operations for January 21



Summary of Combat Operations for January 21

By Cassad

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

From the information war point of view, the main event was
the junta’s admission (so far unofficial) of loss of control over the airport
and the end of the corresponding “cyborg myth”. From the military point of
view, the airport positions were lost several days ago, which is why this is a
defeat in the information war.

Sputnik CTO

Donetsk airport is under control of Russian scum.

We will not stir up this issue, but help the army any way we

The Airport is simply a symbol and a pile of concrete!

We’ll break through.

Novorossia controls all key positions in the airport. The
enemy was pushed away from the airport and there is little chance of it being
lost again—at the moment the frontline runs through Peski (neither side can
claim full control there), through the steppe near Opytnoe, the air defense
unit, and to Avdeevka where we entered the edge of town. Overall, without
propaganda, our successes in the last days are limited to the airport and pieces
of Peski and Avdeevka. Attempts to advance on Spartak were unsuccessful. The enemy
has prepared a proper defense, offensive operations failed—no results,
significant losses. Overall, the local offensive operation by Novorossia forces
enjoyed limited success, which is not bad. The enemy lost the battle for the
airport. Therefore the wishes voiced by the likes of Butusov to the effect that
Poroshenko and Muzhenko ought to fight in Peski are a reflection of the growing
hysteria and the realization that the “cyborg myth” had run its course.

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To avenge the battlefield failures, the junta carried our
particularly strong bombardments of Donbass cities, and according to
preliminary data the number of killed in Donetsk, Gorlovka, Stakhanov, and
other cities exceeds 100 people. We have seen and are seeing a sophisticated
war crime being perpetrated, the responsibility for which is borne not by some
self-willed volunteer battalions, but by Poroshenko personally, for he gave the
order to destroy the Donbass, and by the Ukrainian military leadership which uses
tube and rocket artillery for terror bombardments of peaceful civilians.
European hypocrites are naturally ignoring the mass killings, and are endorsing
the “carte blanche” issued to Poroshenko to carry out any and all atrocities in
the name of fighting “Russian aggression.” That most of the killed are
Ukrainian civilians does not seem to bother any “true democrats,” they don’t
consider the victims to be human. Therefore Ukrainian fascism is wholly
consistent with the European doublethink.

Most of the day around Mariupol was spent in heavy artillery
duels. The sound of cannonade was heard in the city toward which the frontline
is slowly advancing. Information from Perekop suggests some of the artillery
there is being moved to Mariupol, where junta’s situation is growing worse.
Junta continues to hold Vinogradnoye.

In the area of numbered checkpoints our forces fortified
themselves on the destroyed 31st checkpoint [see photo above] and practically seized
the 29th, repelling junta’s counterattacks. It’s clear that the
objective is to take Krimskoye and adjacent positions, which will enable us to
advance toward Lisichansk and Severodonetsk. It is notable that the continuing
high intensity operations on the Krymskoye sector were accompanied by more
intense operations in the Debaltsevo salient. Right now Novorossia is
conducting active operations on three sectors: Mariupol, north-west of the
Donetsk airport, and Krymskoye. The enemy still cannot determine where
Novorossia will land its main blow, so they are introducing new forces in small
doses, while we have a great deal of combat power concentrated in the second
line near Mariupol and Donetsk. The attempts to outwit the other side continue.

We note that Yarosh suffered another frontline wound.

The enemy also posted claims of a breakthrough into
Dokuchayevsk (which is consistent with known plans to strike from the south to
bypass Donetsk), but judging by reports, everything is fine, aside from
systematic bombardment of the city and adjacent areas by enemy artillery. We
return fire, therefore the situation remains stable.

The front in the Schastye and Stanitsa Luganskaya remains
without changes, medium intensity fire, no large-scale operations. There was a
clash in Rovenki among own forces, which is a reflection of old animosities
often erupting into scandals and killings.

Overall, the situation moderately favorable, the enemy’s
offensive operations had failed and resumed defense on all sectors of the

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