Novorossia Artillery Gaining the Upper Hand ?

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Militia BM-21 Grad launcher opens fire

Frontline Update, 1/27/2015 Evening

By Pavel Dremov

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

We are conducting an active offensive in the Novotoshkovka
and Krymskoye sector and bombarding concentrations of enemy equipment near
Debaltsevo, the enemy is counter-attacking the 31st checkpoint.
Ukrainian forces attempted to take Sanzharovka. After a stubborn defense by the
Separate Cossack Motorized Rifle Regiment, all enemy attacks were repulsed. The
enemy lost 5 tanks, 2 BMPs, personnel losses are still being established.

LPR artillery struck detected enemy platoon strongpoints.
Bombardments were launched from the commanding heights around Debaltsevo
against enemy reserves moving to the front, as well as personnel and equipment
concentrations in the vicinity of Mironovskaya, Debaltsevo, Popasnaya,
Novotoshkovka, Zolotoye.

The enemy suffered significant losses. The Cossack Regiment
suffered one killed and 10 wounded.

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We are continuing our active assault on Novotoshkovka and
Krymsk from the direction of Bakhmutka. The enemy is intensifying his efforts
in the Lisichansk-Pervomayskoye and Lisichansk-Frunze sectors and is trying to
take checkpoint No. 31.

We are receiving constant artillery fire from Trekhizbenka,
there is a tense situation near Krymskoye on Hill 175.9, which is held by the 3rd
Battalion of the 2nd LPR Brigade.

The rocket battery of the Cossack Regiment struck identified
enemy targets near Popasnaya, enemy losses are being established.

We struck detected enemy concentrations and living areas
near the town of Stakhanovets with artillery fire.

We struck an enemy concentration in Zolotoye, the target was
suppressed, the effects are still being studied, but the enemy took losses as a
stopped enemy column was detected by our reconnaissance and struck by our
artillery fire.

Troitskoye is changing hands back and forth.

A battalion of the Tokio group (?) of the 2nd
Brigade fought on the Troitskoye sector. It fired on identified enemy positions
on the southern and northern part of town, and also struck enemy reserves moving
out of Popasnaya and Troitskoye with artillery fire, enemy losses are being

Translator’s Note: The recent reports suggest a higher level of activity by Ukrainian ground troops attempting to break into (or out of) the Debaltsevo salient which is being encroached upon by Novorossia advances. LPR and DPR artillery also seems remarkably active–other recent situation reports spoke of having no problems with artillery ammunition supply. However, the situation appears to be similar to the Ukrainian belated and bloody efforts to retake the Donetsk Airport, where the counterattacking forces suffered heavy casualties on the approaches to the airport from Novorossia artillery fire. 

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