“We lose 1 for every 4 of theirs”



“We lose 1 for every 4 of theirs”–compilation of recent battlefield situation reports.

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Novorossia Militia Update:

“Debaltsevo Salient: we are trying to take Nizhne Lozovoye,
the loss of this town would mean full encirclement of junta forces! Many people
have asked about casualties—I can’t give exact numbers, but the ratio is 1 of
ours to 4 of theirs. The enemy is losing much more.  They had practically stopped counterattacking
and are concentrating forces in Artemovsk and Popasnaya, apparently this is
supposed to be a deblocking group. There are also battles in Novolugansk and at
Krasnyy Pakhar. Contrary to earlier reports, Krasnyy Pakhar is ours, nobody
pushed us out of it, although they tried pretty hard. There is a battle in
Uglegorsk, armored vehicles are burning in the central square. There is one bit
of bad news: Ukrainian forces still control part of Troitskoye, whereas we
abandoned our part, due to heavy enemy fire. The Cossacks, Specter, and LPR
People’s Militia are working well together. Our self-propelled howitzers are
keeping busy.”

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The following statement was issued by Eduard Bassurin, DPR
Deputy Chief of Staff.

“The frontline situation remains difficult. There were 10
enemy breakthrough attempts, mainly along the Western direction. Ukrainian
forces shelled our positions 59 times, including 20 times overnight. 11
civilians were killed and 27 were wounded. In Gorlovka 4 civilians were killed
and 7 were wounded. In Donetsk there are 7 civilians killed and 20 wounded.
<…> The DPR army is continuing its effort to close the Debaltsevo
salient. Ukrainian forces are bringing in reserves to prevent an encirclement.
Part of Avdeyevka closer to Spartak is now under Novorossia control. Ukrainian
forces are still not releasing civilian population there, using them as human
shields instead. Therefore our army cannot use artillery in the fighting there.
Maryinka and Peski still not under the full control by Novorossia forces.”

Announcement by the LPR 2nd Brigade artillery
chief of staff “Fomich”, issued at 16:05 local time:

“Today’s attack is the continuation of yesterday’s
situation: we are launching a serious assault on Debaltsevo using LPR forces.
There were many killed. The enemy is bringing up more and more forces to the
front. Holding the strategically important Debaltsevo is now the main objective
for the Ukrainian armed forces. LPR has carried out its orders. The capture of
Debaltsevo is now only a matter of time. The enemy is withdrawing forces from
the Donetsk sector, attempting to defend Debaltsevo. The Ukrainian army is
trying to counterattack our positions. There is heavy fighting.”

Translator’s Note: The situation is continuing to unfold in
accordance with Yurasumy’s analysis laid out in the previous post. Novorossia’s
apparent firepower superiority and higher morale have transformed the battle
into a battle of attrition for Ukrainian forces. Novorossia forces are still on
the offensive and have the operational initiative, forcing Ukrainian forces to
constantly react to new threats. It is telling that now forces are being
withdrawn from other sectors of the front just to hold the Debaltsevo salient
open. This has the potential of creating a break-out opportunity along that
sector. After all, just days ago both Peski and Avdeevka were described as
firmly in Ukrainian hands, and now they are once again at least partly under
Novorossia control.

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