Novorossia Armed Forces are banned from using artillery in populated areas, not planning to use it in Mariupol

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January 26, 2015

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Militiaman “Engineer” reported in December:

Several times faced with the shelling of ukry [ukrainians] on civilians on our territory… And shooting artillery… with appropriate consequences. As I understand, they blame us, Channel 1+1 – the most “honest” channel in the world…. And the fact that I, the evil separatist, try in the first place to crush these batteries, often to the detriment of combat mission… but who cares… we all… Although we have a strict ban on the use of artillery within a radius of 500 meters from the last houses in a village and a kilometer for the MRLS.

Everything in cities and towns, only done by hand. At most PTUR or MT-12, i.e., well-targeted weapons.. If I would level the cities like them … it’s people! For us – people, for them – meat, waste material and sub-humans… And the citizens live there … worse than under the Germans in the Great Patriotic War.

Evgeny Krutikov for 

“Near Mariupol, the situation is quite different. After the shelling of the Eastern district, Kiev began to pump large forces into the city and surroundings, removing them from the Perekop and concentrating for now in the area of Mariupol airport. Militia forces edge closer to the outskirts of the city very slowly and reluctantly.

Most likely, this is due to the ban on the use of artillery: mostly in the militia serve local residents, they do not want to cause harm to the city and will not fire heavy weapons on their relatives, friends and neighbors. Ukrainian formations, especially battalion “Azov”, consists of out-of-town [mostly Western Ukrainian] fanatics.

In this environment, NAF command, apparently, chose to continue the tactics of encircling Mariupol in an arch from Granitnoye to Sartana, not engaging in street fighting. This decision is more political than due to military logic, and there is a great danger that the politics will again prevail. Ukrainian “administration” of Donetsk and Lugansk regions is concentrated in Mariupol, there are governors and their staff, who are now (due to the state of emergency, declared by Yatsenyuk) already have been replaced with military commandants.

Loss of Mariupol is as critical to the Ukrainian authorities as a potential defeat at Debaltsevo. Both can lead to an avalanche of changes no longer on the front, but in the capital. Therefore Mariupol is vulnerable to any provocation and any form of political and media manipulation. Yes, UAF does not have a lot of variety in tactics, but now we can expect anything from them.”

Alexey Polubota for

SP: – Zakharchenko said that NAF did not fire on Mariupol and not going to. Is it possible  to liberate Mariupol and other major cities and towns without using artillery?

Alexander Perendzhiev: I think it’s quite possible. You need to take settlements in a circle and gradually squeeze out the enemy. I would call it the military-police operations.

SP: But the losses of the militia will increase.

A.P.: This tactic will allow you to preserve the loyalty of the local population, which, in turn, will help to reduce NAF losses

SP: In your opinion, can the militia liberate the city without the support of artillery?

Viacheslav Tetetkin:  First I want to say that I am amazed by the monstrous hypocrisy of the West and the Kiev authorities. They almost don’t notice the dozens and hundreds of civilians dying from fire in Donetsk, Pervomaisk, Gorlovka and other cities that are controlled by LPR and DPR. But as soon as the opportunity arose to blame Mariupol strike on the militia – the whole universe is crying out. If you want to talk about crimes, we need to remember who in May fired on Slavyansk.

In addition, I am deeply convinced that the Kiev government embarked on the path of a monstrous provocation. They needed this strike to once again, as was the case with Malaysian Boeing, show the world “the atrocities of the militia”. I’m sure the rocket attack in Mariupol was done by order of the Kiev authorities, because they are very concerned about the impending attack by the militia. They want the international community to put pressure on Russia so that it would in turn force Novorossia again to get on the defense and negotiate.

With regard to the use of artillery, look, it’s a tactic of the Ukrainian army – it doesn’t storm the cities of Novorossia, but destroys them with weapons. There was no military necessity to fire on those locations. Militia fortifications are, as a rule, outside the city. And even in the city modern artillery allows you to strike with accuracy to a few meters. However, Ukrainian warriors shoot all over the place. As for the militia, they just showed that they are able to liberate villages without the use of heavy weapons, only with infantry. I think, they can do the same in Mariupol.

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