Novorossia Forces Enter Debaltsevo, Defeat Ukrainian Counter-Attack



DPR Deputy Corps Commander Eduard Basurin


Basurin: The Ukrainian Army is leaving Debaltsevo

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

DPR Ministry of Defense announced that Ukrainian attempt to
restore control over the north-eastern part of the town failed.

The Ukrainian army is abandoning its positions near
Debaltsevo and is taking casualties, said the DPR Deputy Corps Commander Eduard
Basurin. Ukrainian forces lost 21 tanks, 14 APCs, 170 killed, and 11 prisoners.

Basurin said that “Ukrainian forces made an unsuccessful
attempt to retake the north-eastern part of Debaltsevo. However, militia
counter-attack forced them to withdraw.”

In Basurin’s words, Ukrainian losses over the course of the
week exceed 1100 killed and wounded. At the same time DPR forces lost 62
killed. Basurin referred to Kiev’s claims of heavy DPR losses as “propagandistic

“Yes, for the 40-million Ukraine the loss of 1,000 people is
nothing for the junta, it’s almost invisible. But we have far fewer people, we
all know each other,” noted Basurin.

Ukrainian soldiers are continuing to surrender to the
militia. Since January 9 the militia had captured over 70 Ukrainian soldiers.
One of the prisoners said that the Ukrainian army is using “barrier detachments”
[units tasked with shooting at retreating own forces].

DPR Ministry of Defense is continuing to note the shelling
of civilian areas by Ukrainian artillery. There were 28 such shellings last
night, and 56 over the course of the entire day. One person in Donetsk was
killed, two were wounded, two killed in Gorlovka and six wounded, including two
children, aged 8 and 6.

The main areas of the shelling remain the same. They are the
Petrovskiy, Kirovskiy, Kuybishevskiy regions of Donetsk, as well as Enakievo,
Gorlovka, Dokuchaevsk, and the towns in the Telmanovo area.

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