Novorossia Frontline Update: The Ceasefire is Over


January 16 2015

DPR Press Center Announcement
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Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

1/17/2015 (local time) Armed clashes between junta and militia forces continue near the airport. Junta has suffered a defeat, however, according to preliminary information, a few isolated centers of resistance remain at the airport in the new terminal, the last part of the airport controlled by the junta.

The so-called “cyborgs” are being supported by junta forces located in direct proximity of the airport and near the towns of Peski and Avdeyevka.

The junta lost several pieces of combat equipment at the airport. In retaliation the junta resumed shelling the city. Ukrainian rockets and shells have been heard for several days. Civilians have been killed.

Over the course of the day junta opened fire about 60 times at militia forces and populated areas of DPR. One killed in Donetsk by artillery fire, five wounded, damage to central heating boilers, transformer substations, gas pipelines.

1/16/2015. The day must have felt like hell for the Ukrainians. We blanketed with fire the Ukrainians at a strongpoint near Zaitsevo, five killed, many wounded.

Ukrainians are being defeated near Dzerzhinsk, there is fighting at Magdalinovka. The airport is a terrific bridgehead for launching an attack against Donetsk. Or, it was. 57th Brigade shelled near Gorlovka, 4 killed, 1 howitzer destroyed. Ukrainian army resumes shelling of Gorlovka. One could Novorossia artillery in action in Yenakievo.

From the facebook page of Aleksandr Zhukovskiy: “There are many reasons for optimism. “Voyentorg” [reference to Novorossia supply pipeline] is active again, we are getting serious equipment and serious guys. Much equipment and many guys. So keep following the news (we are anticipating a deep penetration, or insurance against possible full-scale offensive by the enemy). All the best to you, Ukrainians.”

Activity the town of Krasnyy Gorodok, gunfire heard behind the Bozhkovskiy pond, Ukrainian checkpoint near town of Yuglegorsk is laying down rifle fire toward Kayutino. Ukrainian army continues to fire on the Metro shopping mall from the direction of the town of Noveselovka. The militia is bombarding Ukrainian positions near Veseloye (1km from Peski). Ukrainians concentrated up to 100 tanks near Peski, but we’ll hold out.

1/16/2015. Ukrainian forces resume shelling of Gorlovka.

The shelling of Gorlovka is so loud it is heard in Amrosievka and Khartsyzsk. A full Grad volley hit near Amstor, one house is on fire. Mortar bombs falling on Kurganko and Komsomolets. A house on fire on Akademicheskaya street due to artillery hit. No information about casualties, but the shells fell without warning.

Militia is returning fire using all of its artillery. Interruptions in cell-phone service and internet in the entire city. Electricity goes out intermittently. Ukrainians are using old munitions, which leave many unexploded shells. The militia requests the civilian population to avoid approaching or touching unexploded munitions. At 8:39pm one could hear rifle and machine-gun fire in northern Gorlovka, possibly a breakthrough attempt.

1/16/2015. Announcement by militiaman Sych.

The situation is improving for Novorossia forces. The militia is well fortified on the Notovshkovsk bridgehead and is conducting intense mortar bombardment of the 29th and 28th checkpoints. The enemy is returning fire. The 31st checkpoint is also occasionally taken under fire by Ukrainian forces. We return fire. Elevation 175.9 once again under fire. Intercepted communications indicate enemy learned we located our Akatsias [152mm self-propelled howitzers] there. But I must disappoint them. They are shelling empty fields, as we moved or dug in everything there. Our units are again attacking Orekhovo-Donetskiy.

I want to answer the question which interests many civilians of the LPR: “What is the policy of the LPR command?” Well, considering that commanders are giving us orders to take towns, bombard enemy positions, and break enemy defenses, one can say this is a positive policy. Because since December the ceasefire was becoming absurd. Up to December one could still find reasons for the ceasefire. But one thing can be said categorically: right now there is no more ceasefire.

1/16/2015. By the evening of January 16, the majority of junta positions at the Donetsk airport have come under Novorossia control.

The enemy defensive system was broken, fragmented, and individual centers of resistance were suppressed by tanks and artillery. Considering the junta’s frequent complaints, our tanks proved particularly effective. Now we are conducting clearing operations. Once it is over, then we’ll be able to report that the airport is fully under our control, though right now there are still exchanges of fire, therefore it’s too soon that the airport is fully under DPR control. Since fighting continues, both sides are claiming the airport is theirs. The situation is unfolding, though one can clearly see forward movement and tactical successes.

“Our T-64s fired on the new terminal for almost two days. We are clearing positions occupied earlier. Sparta [Motorola’s battalion] is fortifying in the terminal. More than 10 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 10 more ran and occupied positions near the destroyed control tower, abandoning 6 burned soldiers in the terminal. One militiaman died heroically in the assault on the terminal, 8 were wounded. Ukrainian artillery is shelling Peski, Putilovka checkpoint, and the Metro mall area. The city’s civilian housing areas are getting hit. The Kuybyshev region was hit particularly hard.” Report by Zemlyak.

Yesterday’s attempts to brought up Ukrainian reserves to the airport apparently failed, and today the junta is already announcing that additional reinforcements will be sent to the Donbass, although the build-up of Ukrainian forces had never stopped. One has to reassure the “true believers” who might be severely upset by the end of the story of the “cyborgs.”

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