Now do you understand why Donbass rose up? Germans react to Yatsenyuk statements

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January 12, 2015
Translated from Russian by J. Hawk

We offer for your perusal the comments posted on German forums concerning the statement made by Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Comments were taken from the and [ in original] portals:

–Now do you understand why Donbass rose up?

–And now do you understand why Crimea left Ukraine?

–Every time I look at Yatsenyuk I think he was brainwashed. His words have nothing in common with the path his country is taking.

–Maybe he’s under influence of alcohol.

–It’s unbearable to hear history warped by Bandera followers.

–A year and a half ago we would have never imagined that Europe was on the brink of war. We should attract enough people to resist EU militarist policies and its support of the inhuman Ukrainian policies. We are sending $500 million euro to Ukraine…400 million were just stolen from the defense budget. Where is our money going? For peace, against sanctions!

–This is outrageous rhetoric. I don’t think Yatsenyuk’s regime is popular in Ukraine.

–Is he trying to become a German?

–He was born in 1974…”remembers it clearly’’…this is too clear a dream.

–I also remember it. Right after Russia’s invasion of Nebraska.

–A lunatic and an American puppet.

–Yatsenyuk, given how hard he is working to destroy his own people, would have been welcomed with open arms by [Reichskommissar fur Ukraine] Erich Koch and Adolf Hitler.

–Mrs. Merkel, how long can this circus continue?

–The world has gone crazy.

–Terrorism is on the rise, and this fellow is spreading nonsense. Look at what’s happening in Paris!

–Does it mean that back then the United States likewise invaded Germany and France, alongside Russia?

–So why isn’t Ukraine in a state of war, if Yatsenyuk talks like that?

–Lies! It’s unbearable! Why isn’t the German government responding? Is the German government in agreement with that assertion? What’s next? That Nazism will bring us heroes?

Per Russian Dialogue’s earlier reporting, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk earlier claimed that Soviet forces invaded Ukraine and Germany.

“Russian aggression in Ukraine is an attack on the world order. We all remember well the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and Germany. This must be avoided. Nobody has the right to rewrite the results of the Second World War,” said Yatsenyuk in an interview by German Channel 1 TV.

 Kudos to German TV and reporters for allowing Yatsenyuk to “be himself”. US media approaches Ukrainian politicians in such a way as to help them conceal their true allegiances, so it is entirely possible Yatsenyuk was not ready for the more assertive questioning by German reporters and let this slip out. He really needs to spend more time being interviewed by Western media, as he is his own worst enemy. Not to mention that he has just made it a bit more difficult for Western leaders to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him. Maybe that’s why it was Poroshenko who flew to Paris, not Yatsenyuk? Given that Yatsenyuk’s close ties with Western elites are his greatest asset, he has hurt his position relative to Poroshenko’s during his visit to Germany.

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