Obama is a “political midget”, and the credits are “pathetic handouts”: Avakov’s advisor


Anton Gerashchenko

January 9, 2015
Translated from Russian by J. Hawk

Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko posted high praise for George Soros on his Facebook page. At the same time the Ukrainian official ranked Barack Obama among “political midgets” and referred to Western credits as “pathetic handouts.”

“George Soros, although 84 years old, can see further than many young European and American politicians. He criticizes the pettiness of Obama and other political midgets who do not realize that Putin’s actions toward Ukraine represent a greater tectonic shift in world history than the 9/11 terrorist attack.”

“In his article George Soros, apparently having lost hope that Barack Obama will give the American people the opportunity to send aid to Ukraine on large scale rather than pathetic handouts which are tens of times smaller than the assistance received by Iraq or Afghanistan, is appealing to the wisdom of European leaders,” writes Gerashchenko.

Soros earned Avakov advisor’s praise because he is lobbying for the idea of turning Ukraine into a “showcase of success” which European politicians do not support.

However, Gerashchenko’s wishes and praise do not take into account the situation in the world is not the same as during the times of USSR, and right now the US is neither willing nor able to transform “showcases of success” along the lines of South Korea as a counterweight to North Korea, or West Germany as a counterweight to East Germany.

Therefore the dreams of a Ukrainian official laid out on his Facebook page will remain just that—dreams.

“My dream is that in three, maximum five years, the inhabitants of occupied Crimea and Donbass will be building tunnels and climbing over walls and barbed wire fences, through Chongar and Schastye to get to the territory of Free Ukraine in pursuit of work, welfare benefits, high quality of life, as opposed to the Mordor into which by then the Russian Federation will transform itself.”

We would like to remind that earlier Anton Gerashchenko applauded the assault on French soccer fans in Kiev as justified by France’s position on the Mistral-class warships.

Considering that it is Ukraine that is going through its social benefits with a chainsaw, it is rather more likely the refugees will be fleeing from, rather than to, Ukraine. After all, it is Ukraine, not Russia, which wants to build a wall separating the two countries. One should add that one of the reasons the “showcase of success” approach worked in South Korea and West Germany is because the governments there were mostly free of corruption which in Ukraine, as everyone knows, is endemic. Nothing, after all, says “clean hands” and “transparency” when the President’s son gets himself a cushy seat in the national parliament on the basis of no qualifications whatsoever. The second point of interest is George Soros’ increasingly desperate pleas for Western financial bailout of Ukraine or, more specifically, a Western bailout of his own investments which probably are sizable. It may well be that Soros bet on the wrong horse, and now is willing to risk a war in Europe, possibly a meltdown of the global financial system, to avoid taking a loss. Time will tell whether oligarchs have as much influence on European politics as they do on Ukraine’s.

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