Odessa TV channel apologizes for calling National Guard militants…militants


January 7, 2015
Translated by J. Hawk

Representatives of Odessa’s Third Digital TV channel publicly apologized for referring to militants of the National Guard who recently arrived in Odessa as “militants.”

“The news feed of our channel allowed an error: the service members of the National Guard who arrived in Odessa to ensure security were referred to as militants. This startling lapse was fixed as soon as it was noticed due to the vigilance of our viewers. We are sincerely apologizing to our viewers and to the glorious Ukrainian guardsmen. Peace to be with you. Merry Christmas!” – stated the announcement posted on the TV channel web site.

The Third Digital apology seems to contain more than a slight note of sarcasm, what with the “glorious Ukrainian guardsmen” reference. Likewise the “vigilance” of the viewers likely took the form of death threats to the staff of the TV channel, prompting the retraction and apology. No doubt the TV channel would prefer not to be burned to death by the “glorious Ukrainian guardsmen” in the way the protesters at the Odessa Trade Union building were.

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