One-third of Ukrainians support continuing military operations in Donbass


January 12, 2015
Translated from Russian by J. Hawk

Those are the results of the survey conducted by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology between December 4th and 19th of last year. The most implacable position was taken by the inhabitants of the Western provinces of Ukraine, but even there fewer than half support military operations—47.7%. Economic blockade of Donbass is supported by 13.2%, (in Chernovtsy oblast that number is 52.6%). The autonomy for the Donbass is supported by 16.3% of those asked, and 5.9% favor Ukraine give up territories controlled by the insurgents.

This is an interesting result in that, if you add up the numbers, the majority of people either have no opinion or, more likely, refused to admit to one. Still, it is striking that so few people support the continuation of military operations, and, if one considers that many of those who opted not to reveal their true feelings likely did so because they oppose Kiev’s punitive operations against the Donbass but fear government or Right Sector reprisals. The Ukrainian society at the moment consists of a vocal, organized, armed, and West-supported minority dominating and oppressing the silent majority. But for how much longer?

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