OSCE data refutes Kiev’s and Washington’s version of Volnovakha bus tragedy


January 17, 2015
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Observers found that the fire was from the North, not East, where the militia was

VIENNA, 17 January. /Corr. TASS Mikhail Shcherbakov

OSCE published data about the tragedy near Volnovaha, which refutes Kiev’s and Washington’s version about the role of the militia. This was stated to TASS by the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE Andrey Kelin, commenting on the daily report of the observer mission to Ukraine, which conducted its investigation of the incident.

“Observers found that there was a fire from the “Grad”, but from the North. This refutes the previously offered hypothesis, which was announced in Kiev and picked up in Washington that it was shot by militia from the East,” – he explained.

“The direction is different and it raises many questions as to whether this was militia. There are big doubts about who is responsible for the tragedy with the bus,” – added Kelin. “Now from Vienna we cannot clearly announce who carried out the shooting, but there are a lot of questions”, said the Russian diplomat.

Previously, the OSCE issued a report on January 16, which reports on the investigation conducted by the mission staff. “Observers have conducted a thorough investigation. It included the examination of two craters from shells, including one that is 10 meters from the bus. According to observers, the crater formed as a result of falling shells fired from the North-North-East direction”, – the document says.

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