Polish Professor Faces 3 Years in Prison for Novorossia Support


Screen capture of the Facebook entry that has the professor facing 3 years in prison.


Prosecutor General to investigate the scandalous entry by aWroclaw University professor.

By Tomasz Pajaczek

Translated from Polish by J.Hawk

Bogusław Paź, a professor at the University of Wroclaw,
posted a drastic video clip on his Facebook page which shows how the
pro-Russian separatists are mistreating Ukrainians. He commented the video as
follows: “Fun to watch as banderite scum is getting its butt kicked. How is one
not to love the Russians?” The Prosecutor’s Office turned its attention to the

The controversial entry was removed from Facebook. It
nevertheless caused a tremendous commotion. In the morning the University’s
president, Prof. Marek Bojarski, was informed about the matter.

“The president was shocked by the entry. It crosses all
kinds of boundaries. The ethics committee and the disciplinary ombudsman will
take up the matter,” says Jacek Przygodzki, the Wroclaw University spokesman.

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He announced that the Prosecutor’s Office would be notified
on the same day. “The affidavit for the Prosecutor’s Office is already prepared
and signed by the university president”, assures Przygodzki.

The university need not hurry, because the Prosecutor’s
Office started an investigation of its on, on the basis of media reports.  In accordance with the letter of the law, which
prohibits incitement of inter-ethnic hatred or disrespecting a demographic on
the basis of its nationality, he faces the possibility of three years in

Professor Paź is working at the Institute of Philosophy at
the Wroclaw University. It is possible that he will be suspended as an academic

Translator’s Note: The video that got Professor Paź in
trouble with the law was the one showing Givi interrogating the captured
Ukrainian brigade commander following his failed assault on the Donetsk
Airport. It is the height of hypocrisy for such a lawsuit to be brought just
weeks after the entire “Je suis Charlie” extravaganza, even though in
accordance with Polish legislation (which is consistent with contemporary EU
norms), each and every Charlie Hebdo “satirist” should be serving a 3-year prison
sentence. Moreover, one should note that he referred to the captured Ukrainians as “banderites”. In what way is this a reference to their nationality or ethnicity? It’s the equivalent of calling Hitler a Nazi being classified as hate speech.

Professor Paz’s Facebok page is linked to below, in case you
wish to express your support.


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