Poroshenko to Rehabilitate Berkut, Blame Heavenly Hundred on Maidan Organizers?



Poroshenko cozying up to Berkut? The Heavenly Hundred was shot by its own side.

By Olga Talova

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The fans of the Maidan and the Heavenly Hundred’s Witnesses
are in for some hard times, full of surprises and unexpected discoveries. For example,
it will turn out that it was not the Bloody Berkut who shot Nigoyan and 99
others, which was the popular wisdom for the last year. Now it turns out that
Berkut is not to blame.

One of the leaders of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal
Affairs (MVD), the First Deputy Chairman of the Main Investigative Directorate
of the Police, Vitaliy Sakal, made a sensational announcement. He said that a
group of investigators “which is working the sensational Maidan killings, no
longer suspects members of the Berkut special unit of the killings of

“The 20-year-old Ukrainian of Armenian ancestry Sergey
Nikoyan was killed with buckshot from a hunting shotgun, 2 shots to the chest
and one to the head. The 25-year-old Belarus citizen Zhiznevskiy was killed by
a shotgun shot to the heart. Analysis shows that the police had no such weapons,
which means that the killings were not committed by the Berkut but by unknown
parties,” added Sakal.

Ooops! Yet only a week ago Kiev saw an entire mourning
Maidan, with candles and wreaths to commemorate the deaths, while Poroshenko
bent his knee in front of the modest obelisk dedicated to the Armenian hero who
gave his life for Ukraine. Yes, it may sound strange, but there it is. But wait—there
is more.

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The investigators openly stated that they “carefully watched
all available video recordings and did not see any non-issue weapons among the
police that might have been used to commit the Maidan killings. That’s the truth:
neither the police nor the special units had weapons, the “Bloody Yanuk”
forbade to shoot at the peaceful protesters hurling Molotov cocktails.

“Over the course of the year the investigators have not even
found witnesses of the killings,” MVD announced. And, once again, that’s the
truth: the witnesses have long kept company to the Heavenly Hundred. It also
turned out that Nigoyan’s and Zhiznevsky’s bodies were…moved, which means that
they could have been taken out somewhere on the outskirts of Kiev, and then
brought to the Maidan to pretend they were activists, and thus to “provoke an
escalation of conflict and justify the use of weapons by the demonstrators.”

“This is confirmed by numerous open source materials which
show people with firearms. Their identities will be established,” concludes the
MVD Chief Directorate Deputy Chair. So, an official of the MVD confirmed what
was long understood by all normal people: Maidan’s Heavenly Hundred was not
killed by the Berkut, as the leaders of the Maidan have claimed, but by unknown

But why unknown? Judging by the investigations conducted by
international experts, journalists, and statements by foreign politicians, the
Maidan was shot to bits by oppositionists themselves, such as Parubiy or
Pashinskiy, which never let his SVD sniper rifle leave his side, or their “assistants”
from other countries. It is no secret that the Right Sector were evacuated from
the Hotel Dnepr on the Kreshchatik, which served as its operational
headquarters, while the cover for the people with sniper rifle cases was
provided personally by deputies Pashinskiy and Parubiy, the latter of whom was
the Maidan’s commandant at the time.

Let’s not forget the telephone conversation between
Catherine Ashton and an Estonian diplomat which was recorded and then
scandalously leaked to the media, in which the two discussed how the Maidan
snipers may have been directed by the opposition and used to cross the “blood

Conclusions? A year after the coup we are seeing the reverse
process. It turns out Berkut was not guilty, Heavenly Hundred was killed by
their own side, the peaceful Maidan legend is collapsing and with it the legend
of its leaders Yatsenyuk, Klichko, Tyagnibok. It’s not ruled out that the MVD
investigative team will even get around to investigating who burned the people
in Odessa on May 2…

This topic surfaced precisely now, when experts are
predicting a new February Maidan. There are ongoing preparations to dump the
Right Sector and ultranationalists who served as Maidan’s shocktroops. The fact
that Right Sector Yarosh immediately found himself in a hospital with a
dangerous wound (initially he said it was just a scratch) is not coincidental.
Poroshenko is beginning his counteroffensive in order to put out the fire of a
future coup, and also to distract from the surrender of the Donetsk Airport and
other events on the Eastern Front. Nobody wants to swing from the yardarm.
Therefore the Nazi formations are being abandoned, while Berkut, on the other
hand, is being rehabilitated, because the authorities clearly want to have the
professionals on their side so that they will have someone to defend them in
the event the ultras and punitive battalions start their march on Kiev to
attempt overthrowing Poroshenko.

Translator’s Note: Indeed, Poroshenko has certain skills as
an infighter and is using them to stay alive in this game. He does have the
advantage of having the control of the MVD, which he can use to outflank
virtually all of his opponents. It also does not hurt that Poroshenko himself
kept a far lower profile on the Maidan than other members of the current elite,
including Yatsenyuk. Time will tell whether Yatsenyuk and others will allow
Poroshenko acquire such a lethal political weapon that could be used against
pretty much anyone associated with the Maidan. But the alternative would be for
them to side with Yarosh, Azov, OUN-UPA, and other such organizations against

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