Powerful Russia – is respected Russia, since Lous XIV


January 8, 2015
Grey  Croco – Live Journal
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

“If the Tsar complains that he has been neglected and that his ambassadors were ill-treated in France, then it is possible to answer that Muscovy was only well recognized since the time when the Ruler, who reigns there now, acquired with his great deeds and his personal qualities the respect of other nations, and that as a result of this reputation his Christian Majesty (King Louis XIV) offers him sincerely their friendship”

From the statement that was given by King Louis XIV to the French Ambassador to Russia, De Balus, in 1710.

Memoire sur une negotiation a faire pour le service du Roi, 1710.
Collection of Russian Historical Society, V. XXXIV, pp. 418 – 420.

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