Press conference of the Minister of Defense of Donetsk Republic: 597 bodies of Ukrainian soldiers, including foreign contractors have been recovered near the airport and Peski


January 22, 2015

Newsfront – Youtube

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Minister of Defense of DPR, Eduard Basurin:

597 Ukrainian soldiers died at the airport so far – and those are just the bodies found so far near the airport and Peski, 44 POWs, 49 tanks destroyed, 49 BMP’s and BTR’s – just destroyed by DPR, wounded evacuated – over 1,500 (Ukrainians). Large quantities of American weapons, a lot of religious literature in European languages. Found bodies in NATO uniform of contractors from foreign private military companies. Today there were 19 violations of ceasefire – 13 dead (on a Donetsk trolley). No dead among the militia.

Last night there was a massive artillery attack on Gorlovka, a daycare was destroyed, a five story house was destroyed. In many houses all windows are broken. Any point in Gorlovka is subject to shelling. A hospital was hit.

It is difficult to see all this, after Poroshenko announces he is ready for peace talks.

Despite everything, the residents believe that we will win.

After the destruction that happened from Hurricanes – a terrible weapon, there were no dead, I believe this is a sign that God does exist.

People help each other, don’t think for themselves. These people cannot be defeated.

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