Putin considers giving away free land to the residents of Russia’s Far East


Russia’s Far East

January 19, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the idea of free allocation to each inhabitant of the Far East of one hectare of land.

– The idea is correct and in the history of Russia was implemented in Siberia, – said the head of state to the proposal of Deputy Prime Minister and presidential representative in the Far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev.

Meanwhile, Putin warned that “modern agriculture, modern economics are a bit different, so you need to carefully evaluate it, need to consider all the details”.

Trutnev reported to the President about the positive results of the development of the district in 2014, noting that it is “the beginning of a trend”. As an example, he cited the increase in natural population increase by 1.1 thousand and a decrease of migration from the region – from 27 thousand to 20 thousand people.

“But it’s still the beginning of a trend. So we want to offer for your consideration a measure, which, in our opinion, would help to reinforce this trend of the influx of people to the Far East,” TASS quoted Deputy Prime Minister.

He said that now in the state ownership of the Far East there are 614 million hectares of land of different categories.

“We want to offer to establish a mechanism for free allocation to each inhabitant of the Far East and to everyone who would like to come to the Far East, of 1 ha of land that can be used for agriculture, to create a business, forestry, hunting”, said Trutnev.

The Ambassador acknowledged that “there are difficulties in the allocation of land around major cities, “because there is a competitive environment, high infrastructure development which could be subject to corruption and abuse.” He said that the area around the cities is only 1.18 percent of all land.

“We need to see where these lands are, what is their quality, whether 1 ha is enough in the Far East. And what should be the conditions for use, ” said Vladimir Putin.

According to him, for example, “one can get the land, but not use it in the next decade”.

– There are many questions that require further study, – he said.

Trutnev said that all the issues will be worked out and proposals prepared. So, the government will separately determine the fate of the land around major cities. In addition, among the proposals is the provision of land for 5 years, and in the case of use then to secure this land for the owner, in the absence of use – to take it back”.

– Obviously, we will limit secondary circulation from the point of view of the sale to foreign legal entities and individuals, – announced another condition the Deputy Prime Minister.

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