“Regions will start to separate”–Ukrainian nationalist condemns the regime



Forcible Mobilization May Cause Uprisings, Regions Will Start to Separate.

Oleg Soskin, Head of the Ukrainian National Conservative

Translated from Russian from J.Hawk

[Minister of Defense] Poltorak apparently does not
understand what he’s talking about. He made an announcement on January 31 that
now every Ukrainian citizen of military age cannot leave the country without
some document from a military commissariat.

Such a total forcible mobilization will lead to only one
thing: the regions will begin to separate. The people will simply rise up.
Because the army is headed by incompetent, corrupt persons who did not undergo
lustration, who are the leftovers from the bandit regimes of Kuchma,
Yushchenko, Yanukovich. Parents will no longer want to give up their children,
and young men will not accept the commands of various Russian spies.

Thousands died in the Ilovaysk pocket, and so far nobody has
been punished, Geletey and [General Staff chief] Muzhenko are still occupying
high posts. Donetsk airport was heroically defended for 242 days, but then
Muzhenko showed up and gave it up in two days, and he is still at his post, not
to mention he has not been arrested. We can see what is happening in Debaltsevo
and Schastye, people are dying there every day.

Who will return the sons and husbands to their parents, wives,
and families? What are they fighting for? For the sake of what? For the sake of
oligarchic clans? For the sake of Walzman-Poroshenko, Kuchma-Pinchuk? For
Ukraine? But Ukraine is headed by Moscow spies.

Translator’s Note:
An attack on the regime from the other
direction, the direction of ultra-right nationalist parties, is yet another
indicator that everyone knows which way the wind is blowing in Kiev. The
current regime is not long for this world. The next one is likely to be even
worse for the people of what’s left of Ukraine. However, it’s a country in a
severe need of ideological detox, which is going to be an immensely painful
experience. It’s one thing to be cheering “Glory to Ukraine” while your army’s
artillery shells are raining on Donetsk and Gorlovka. But when you experience
the iron fist of that political system on your own face, then you realize what
it is that you have been cheering for.

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