“Right now the main news is the Debaltsevo pocket. The offensive is continuing.”–Strelkov Update



LPR militiaman report on Strelkov’s VKontakte page: 

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Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

“Right now the main news is the Debaltsevo pocket. The offensive
is continuing. This thought is animating everyone. Heavy fighting on the
Bakhmutka, our forces launched an attack here after repelling a Ukrainian
attack yesterday. We launched an attack on Nizhnee from Novotoshkovka, and
Krymskoye from the 29th and 31st checkpoints. We have
cleared Zhelobok, took many prisoners. We are fighting for every meter of
Popasnaya, the fighting is in its second day. Ukrainians stopped receiving
reinforcements, while we  were able to
conduct a rotation which means the fighting has regained its intensity.
Ukrainians tried to use their reserves to retake Krasnyy Pakhar but the attack
failed. Militia in Novogriorevka (north of Debaltsevo) attacked Ukrainian
forces in Logvinovo, but the Ukrainian positions held. The capture of
Logvinovo, which sits on the road between Debaltsevo and Artemovsk, will cut
off Ukrainian forces from its supplies, and divide the pocket into two parts
which will greatly worsen their situation.”

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