Rusich Commander Talks About Batman’s Discord with LPR Authorities and Drug Traffickers


January 5, 2015
Alexey Milchakov, commander of recon-subversive group “Rusich” – Youtube
Excerpts from Youtube interview translated from Russian by Kristina Rus 

“I fought in Novorossia since end of June, under Batman from the start, fought at Stanitsa Luganskaya, Lugansk airport, destroyed a column of Aidar, Donetsk airport and did recon-subversive missions in LPR, which I cannot talk about.” 

“In July, August, September everyone came to Batman for help, and no one ever could disobey him in his face.”

“There was no morphine in the city hospitals for the needs of NAF on the battle field. Fighters died from pain shock. There were attempts to bring drugs into the city from Parhomenko town in Russia through river Dergu, not controlled by NAF or UAF (just recon groups). But Batman didn’t allow the drug traffic. Commander Chiko was implicated in helping the drug traffickers, he was arrested in Krasny Don, then disappeared, Batman tried to find him unsuccessfully, it took a toll on Batman. My group set up ambushes waiting for convoys of drug traffickers”

“Batman joined MOD (Ministry of Defence), which shocked me. He always cared about his people. GBR didn’t pay a salary, other units had salaries for all, the citizens of Russia [tr. – volunteers] in GBR didn’t get paid, the people were warned immediately. MOD offered to sign a contract. At the moment the contract was unclear, like people’s militia. The contract was a useless piece of paper, when you owe everything, and you are not owed anything, even in the case of getting wounded. He allowed his people not to sign it. “Rusich” battalion didn’t sign the contract, because we didn’t come to fight for money, which the contract promised, may be little, but money. We moved to Krasny Luch to the base of the 4th brigade were the local staff of GBR moved. As far as I understood from reports of my guys Batman was told there shouldn’t be a battalion “GBR”, “Leshy”, “Odessa”, just numbered battalions of numbered brigades answering to MOD, which he disagreed with. But Batman kept the auto base, kept the “Black Hundred” auto base were the trophies were repaired, and the Rusich battalion.”

“Also Batman captured some Ukrainian POW’s from Aidar taken near Smeloe, also a high-ranking Lyashko representative, who was supposed to do some very bad things in Lugansk, whom he didn’t want to pass to LPR authorities. (MGB – Ministry of State Security of LPR), the people of Plotnitsky (the head of LPR) had to get these POW’s with a fight from Batman’s Black Hundred auto base, where he held them.”

“On Batman’s online page there was a video of burning a truck with 800-900 kilos of pot. When someone came to negotiate about drugs, they would get arrested.”

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