Russia invaded by 26 buses of Ukrainian men running from the Kiev junta


January 25, 2015
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Mechanized BTG (battalion tactical group) “Peregonsk” is marching to Khabarovsk … 

I’m in shock. I’m just amazed by the tenacity of the Russian government. On January 19 a mechanized battalion tactical group of UAF “Peregonsk” invaded the territory of Russia. And dissolved on its vast expanses (judging by the silence in the media). Leaving one moron on the rear guard (which is discussed below) to apparently capture Moscow, it orderly broke through the border and have already captured … Krasnoyarsk. The ultimate goal is ambitious – Khabarovsk. It would not settle for less. However there is one problem. This group forgot to receive the weapons and the summons:

On January 19, the day before the official start of the partial mobilization campaign, about a thousand men from Pereginskaya left to work abroad – in Russia. 26 buses with workers went to Krasnoyarsk.

 This was announced at a meeting on the issues of mobilization that took place today in the Ivano-Frankivsk regional state administration with the participation of the military commandants of all districts of the region, representatives of power structures and social activists.

This fact was voiced by an [Maidan] activist from the town of Kalush in the address to Kalush District Commissar, which oversees Rozhnyatovsky district. The activist expressed surprise that this fact was unknown to the military Commissar. Before the Commissar said that it is impossible to locate Pereginskaya men and to subject them to mobilization.

“It’s all excuses. I know that almost everyone came back home for the Christmas holidays. And after they all leave. Therefore don’t say they are impossible to find. It’s just our stupidity,” – responded the Chairman of Regional State Administration Oleg Goncharuk.

Out of 17 400 inhabitants of Pereginskaya, among which there are about 7000 men of military age, in 23 years of independence of Ukraine only one resident of the village served in the army. This man volunteered to the war zone in the East and now defends Ukraine in one of the volunteer battalions.

The Chairman of regional state administration declared that during the following closed session of the meeting with commissars will be decided how to strengthen the district military Commissar of the Kalush area.

The second session of the meeting was held behind doors closed for journalists. Public activists headed by Roman Ostrovsky were present at the meeting. Roman Ostrovsky started an argument that the meeting should be closed to journalists. Finally, the journalists were asked to stay behind the door.

This is how mobilization is going…

P. S. As written in the comments to the previous material about mobilization in Sumy, summons are delivered to the the factories. Accept the summons – you can work, if not – you have to quit. People are quitting en masse (there are no idiots).

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