Russia should give shelter to Ukrainian young men


January 21, 2015
Nikolay Varsegov – Komsomolskaya pravda
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Last summer near the town of Schastje on the day of a cease-fire and exchange of the killed I had a chance to talk with the Ukrainian soldiers. Quite sane and even shy guys with common reasoning about the stupidity of politicians who can’t agree. In peaceful life these guys could be very productive, but fate, in the face of possessed Ukrainian fuehrers sent them to slaughter.

As to conversations with Ukrainian prisoners of war, the vast majority of young people do not want to fight, but have nowhere to go, refuse, and will sit in jail for a long time. Good for those, who have Russian relatives who can shelter them for some time, and if there is no family in Russia, they have to go die for the rogues and neurotics of Maidan.

Therefore I propose that Russia should offer shelter to all Ukrainian young men who are not willing to kill and lie dead in the ditches of Novorossia. For this we ought to without delay to allow to pass across the border all the Ukrainians of military age. Agree with DPR and LPR authorities, so that they give the “green corridors” to our side for all Ukrainian troops, leaving from the front. In addition to call on Belarusians, and Transdniestrians to allow the deserters for humanitarian reasons to pass to Russia. For arriving Ukrainians, of course, we need to create some domestic and other conditions with help of the governors and the Ukrainian diaspora, of which there are many in any region.

Thus, with a little spending we will get a great benefit by acquiring many strong working hands and most intelligent young heads. And Ukraine, having lost its cannon fodder, will be forced to peace.

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