Russian FM Accuses Kiev of “Monstrous” Donetsk shelling


January 22

J. Flores

Russia has
condemned the deadly shelling of a bus is eastern Ukraine as a monstrous crime.
Moscow accuses Kiev of launching the attack, which left at least 13 people in

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the move was a crude provocation aimed at
undermining peace efforts. He said Moscow has demanded that the Organization
for Security and Cooperation in Europe immediately investigate the incident. He
said the OSCE has been also asked to intervene to prevent any further pointless
civilian casualties in east Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukrainian troops have withdrawn
from the Donetsk airport. This, after deadly clashes at the flashpoint site
which claimed the lives of several Ukrainian soldiers. International monitors
say the death toll from the nine-month conflict in eastern Ukraine has passed
five-thousand, with more than a million others displaced.

The humanitarian atrocities
inflicted by the Kiev Junta at the urging of the US who installed them,
contrasted to the outpouring we saw over the Charlie Hebdo incident in France,
proves that Ukraine and this part of the world is not really considered part of

It must be reiterated that the ‘5000’ figure is understated by a factor of perhaps three,
and given the million displaced persons, the real humanitarian impact of these
atrocities until later.

Kiev’s insistence on placing Ukraine further into an IMF debt they cannot
possibly pay is proof positive that they are in the pocket of the US.

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