Second day of clashes around Mariupol



Counter-offensive against Mariupol continues 

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Responding to AFU provocations, bombardment of civilians,
and the dishonest and hypocritical policies of the Ukrainian government, DPR
forces began an active counteroffensive.

Ukrainian sources indicate AFU positions are being regularly
attacked by DPR forces.

An attack was launched in the direction of Gutovo on January
18 at 21:00.

At 6:20am AFU positions were shelled by mortars near

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Around 7am Ukrainian positions near Nikolayevka came under
ATGM (anti-tank guided missile) and AGL (automatic grenade launcher) fire.

At 7:05 AFU positions near Chermalyk received mortar fire.

At 7:25 artillery fire was opened in the vicinity of

DPR forces are also intensifying their pressure on Azov
positions from the direction of the Novoazovsk road.

Azov positions were hit by rocket artillery for the first
time since September. This was announced by Azov commander, “Kirt”.

No information about casualties in the Azov battalion is
being reported. One could not sense any enthusiasm in Kirt’s video appearance

Translator’s Note: So far the operations described look like
either a reconnaissance in force or efforts to pin down and possibly demoralize
Ukrainian forces around Mariupol, either in order to prevent them from
intervening elsewhere, attract reserves away from Donetsk, or prepare the
battlefield for a larger-scale offensive. Time will tell…

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