Semenchenko’s Battalion Decimated at Uglegorsk



Uglegorsk. Second Attempt.

By Yurasumy

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

In the morning Semen who is Semenchenko made the following
businesslike announcement:

[Semenchenko Facebook]

“Glory to Kievan Rus. Novorossia today [smiley] is a popular
joke this morning. Go with God! It will be a good day. Glory to Ukraine

[The post earned 5491 likes and 171 reposts]


“We are assaulting Uglegorsk.”

Then somehow the initial optimism vanished:

“Donbass battalion press service announces the following: on
January 31, in accordance with orders from CTO HQ, the liberation of Uglegorsk
begun, by units of the Ukrainian army, National Guard, and police battalions
[presumably MVD]. The enemy fortified his positions at Uglegorsk over the past
several days. There is heavy fighting on the approaches and in the city itself.
Enemy defense was broken in several sectors,” noted Semenchenko, adding that
Ukrainian forces in Uglegorsk itself have been aiding the offensive for several

And then Mochanov announced the “super-unpleasant” news:

“Debaltsevo—Uglegorsk road. Can’t go any further. We were
met by Donbass Bn and Semenchenko. Our guys could not break through to the
garrison in Uglegorsk, they fell into an ambush in a fire sack—there were
markers on trees indicating its location, just as the Institutskaya and
Shelkovichnaya streets when they were shooting at the Maidan. It was hard. And
loud. Artillery war and small arms fire at the “greenery”. No communications
with Svityaz [Ukrainian commander defending Uglegorsk], the information from
our guys in Uglegorsk is most contradictory, very little of it is cause for joy”
reports Mochanov.

P.S. Interesting, so Semen was actually…there?

P.P.S.: Judging by reports, everything was prosaically
simple. For Semen the word “tactics” is just a word. And so is “experience.”
Therefore the “Donbass” guys simply got into their armored vehicles and drove
off. They got pummeled by artillery, which was only to be expected, and whoever
still could saved their butts. Semen, can I ask you a question? The same thing
happened yesterday. When are your very own troops going to hang you from the
nearest tree? Or maybe it had already happened, in which case we won’t hear
from you again. That would be too bad, because you are a terrific commander,
from my point of view. If the Ukrainian army/national guard had more like you,
the war would be over and I would be home.

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